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CT results as I move toward 7 years with stage 4

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Hello all,

I am sorry I am not around as much. I still read many posts and just don't respond as I should. To any new members, I am stage 4 ( 4 lung resections, 1 liver rresection, colon, 10 months chemo, pulmonary embolism) and I am still here. The randomness and unfairness of this disease is the part that is so hard. I did get CT scan done Thursday at Stanford and it is all good with CEA below 1. No new spots. This makes it the first time since dx ( 8/06 ) that I have gone 1 year since a surgery or two. I still ski and surf, far behind my kids now.

Tonight I celebrate even though I have a cold, just drank a cold beer, smiled with the kids and wife and thought of many of you. I am still coaching and teaching and I do not have any good reason why things are going well. I do know that the long survivors on here lifted me up so thank to the survivors, thanks to their support team and safe travels to the warriors who have gone before.


Still active in the impact zone.



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It is so good to hear about your longevity. I was dx June 09 and one of goals is to celebrate four years. The tumors in the colon, liver are stable but the lungs are giving me a hard time.  I pray that you live to a ripe old age with no major problems.  Jeff

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Happy new year mate ,all the best to you and your family..Ron.

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just fantastic



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Hi Chip,

Great to hear another success story. I can't believe you were diagnoses in 06 and have only done 10 chemo sessions. Congratulations.


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Thanks for sharing Chip. Hope you have many more good years.

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Great news Chip! Continued success

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"Keep stayin' to the right of the green."


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it gives hope to everyone who is still battling this awful stuff.  Especially the fact that you are still skiing and surfing...that's impressive!  Ann Alexandria

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and a clean scan.  Thanks for checking in with us.  Hope your clean scans continue. 

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So good to hear things are going so well for you. I hope you have continued NED-ness and good health!


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Keep on keeping on!


all the best, Leslie

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Perky chick
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Thanks so much for your post Chip.  I was diagnosed in Aug 2012 and after radiation/chemo and suegery thought I  was cancer free only to find  now that it has moved to my lymph nodes and am stage IV.  I'm trying to remain positive but it has been tough so stories like yours help me believe I can be around to watch my kids grow up.  Thank you so much for giving us all hope!  Keep on living life  to the fullest!  



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Sorry to read this, but mets to only one other location isn't as bad as mets everywhere like some of us have.  The best option for extended survival is surgery to remove the tumors, in conjunction with chemo (before and/or after surgery).  My advice is to stay aggressive and get the tumors surgically revoved if at all possible.  I'm not a candidate for surgery due to my widespread mets, so I am looking into other options, like dendritic cell vaccines.



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I love hearing that news!




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I just love hearing from you!!!  Keep going my friend!  Teach, coach, surf, love your wonderful family!!!  So happy for you.




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I really hope and pray that I will still be posting on here in 5, 7, 8, or more years like some of the stage 4 folks that are on this forum.  Good luck and keep going!!!!

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thank you for posting!



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