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Last Chemo

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Jeff had his final chemo today...YEAAH. 4 rads next week. Chemo was a nightmare today though. They ran an 1 1/2 late, it took 3 nurrses and 6 tries to start the IV. Something that should have had taken 1 and 15 min took 4  hours. At least it was the last and not the first. If it had started this way Jeff would have quit.



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Good, you can check-off chemo.  Have a pleasant week-end then finish off those rads next week (then he can quit).


Almost there,



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Congrats on Jeff finishing chemo. 4 more rads and he's done and the healing can begin. I look forward to posting a similar note a few months from now!


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Wonderful!  No matter how crappy a person feels once all this is done, they can now spend their time healing, instead of getting dressed and out the door every day....that wore me out!  Even when I knew I was looking at 3 awful weeks following my last chemo, I was feeling like kicking my heels together and yelling wahoo!!  Seeing the end of rads was even a bigger thing!  Yup...next week at this time, all Jeff has left to do is get better.... I like it!! Laughing


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Sorry it was a bad start to the last chemo but at least he's done. Yeah! Way to hang in there Jeff!

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Glad to hear there is soon 'no more'!

these are great days.. Nothing like saying, no more. 

Congrats to Jeff and for you too... Not an easy road.


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Congratulations Jeff, great to hear the hard part is over. I remember at school athletics running the half mile or full mile someone would stand next to the track and ring that bell to let us know this is the last lap, funny how that popped into my head. Ring that bell loud and ring it long....yay.

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Man...rough last day, but that makes it even more sweet that it's done....

Stay Healthy,


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Nice to get stuff behind you. Now to finish the rads, and start the healing process. Things will return to a new - but very welcomed - normal. Rick.

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congrats to being done is done! so happy for Jeff and you to have some done is done. 


now just days away from being doner than done... then it will be bell ringer time. 





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Keep him on the road ...he will be NED soon ....and can eat!!!!  :)



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What a huge milestone. Enjoy, persevere and fight the good fight.



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