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Half treatment

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AirForce Vet
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Spent most of last week in The oral surgeon's office at our Military Hospital here in San Antonio.  Because lack of spit has caused the remaining 4 teeth I have on both sides of my lower jaw to become totally rotten they will have to remove them before thay can make my new dentures.  But they are only going to give me 10 HBO dives after extraction.  I talked to the head of the oral surgery clinic about my concerns that MD Anderson and most cancer centers recommend 20 prior and 10 after.  He said that investigations have shown that the 20 dives prior to extraction showed little if any difference.  He said look at all the facial hair you have on your jaw line all the way back.  He said if my blood supply to the jaw was really bad I would not have this thick of a beard.  I hope the colonel is right??????   They should know what they are doing.  They are the ones putting the faces of our wounded warriors back together.  I have seen ther work.  It is amazing.  Just crosssing my fingers.

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His statement about your beard kinda makes sense on the surface....but....it sounds a bit glib, and I have no idea who'd you'd double check that with.  Maybe ask him how you can get a hold of the "investigations" that he has read?  Did you check the internet for any studies on this?


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Thank you for your military service. Hope you heal well soon!

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Hope everything goes well for you Air force Vet, we are all cheering for you and thankfully you have the best of treatment.



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Hello !

No experience myself, but others with my dx (adcc) say that this helped immensly with the healing process for them....but mainly after they had finished their tx's....and ended up needing dental treatments.  With those dentures, I am having trouble with mine fitting properly because a year out I have some bone loss on the side my surgery (tumor) was.  Hope you don't have issues with this.  I commend the VA and agree with you, they do know their stuff.  My Father does all of his doctoring through them.  Mainly heart issues.  Good luck with everything !   Katie

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Well, as you say, those guys are the experts who know what they are doing, so I have to trust that it will work out for you.  I'll keep my fingers crossed, just in case.


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I am getting ready to undergo 30 dives before 4 teeth removed and implants put in and then 10 dives following. If they are making their decision based on your beard, I'm wondering how they make their determination with woman. I would be more than happy to skip the dives and I've been told they are $2500 each!

Thank you for your service! 


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