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Lump on Tongue more to story

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 I needed to see my dentist last Friday.  I had pain and needed to get checked out.  She found an abscessed tooth and also noticed a lump on my tongue.  She refers me to an oral surgeon.  

SO I saw the surgeon on Wednesday and he had to pull the tooth.   The abscess was protruding into my sinus cavity.  He then cut out the red bump on my tongue and sent it out for a biopsy.

Keeping fingers crossed.  Just hearing "biopsy" sent shivers up my spine.  He did sound optimistic that is "probably nothing".   

Again....just keeping fingers crossed.  My mouth is in all sorts of pain.  UGH!  I am allergic to opiot based pain killers.  Lucky me ...  I can tolerate percocet but it is not something I can take constantly.    Oh well ...  


I had to reschedule my mammo.  It's now taking place on Feb 8th.  Not worried about it though




I don't know how I "forgot" to tell you this.  

Before leaving the oral surgeon's office, his assistant told me to stop and get pain meds before taking the bus home.   I live in central new jersey and this surgeon is in Manhattan.  Public transport is the most economical way to get back and forth.  Anyway, she told me more than 3 times before I left .  She didn't have to.  Within 10 minutes of getting out of that place, my mouth was hurting something fierce.  Hubby and I stop at the drug store and wait an agonizing 15 minutes for the prescription.  I take a pain pill while still in the store.   We take the subway to the Port Authority.  I have a wad of cotton in my mouth and dribble coming down my chin.  I am making slurping sounds too.  OMG ... I couldn't wait to get off that train.  We get to the terminal to catch the bus and I start feeling sick.  I mean I was sweating and lightheaded and wanted to vomit.   My husband pushes me against a pole and runs off to get me something to eat.  I literally slid down the pole to the floor.  People were all around me .. talking at me, but I couldn't understand a word they were saying. The room was spinning and everything was a blur.  One guy ran off after my husband while another one went looking for a PA Cop.  Both come back to me at the same time.  All I kept saying is "I feel sick".  The cop wanted to get an ambulance but all I wanted was to get home.   I tried to eat pieces of an energy bar and drink some coke.  THAT would've made a funny YouTube moment.  It was not pretty.  When the bus came, a few ladies took the first row of seats and immediately got up when I came onto the bus.  They said they saved the seats for me and my husband.  That was such a sweet gesture and one that makes me smile as I type this.

Moral of this story .... don't have oral surgery AND take pain meds on an empty stomach especially when you are diabetic!  Hubby believes my sugar tanked and that is what caused me to get sweaty and disoriented.  I agree with him.  I'm pretty sure the pain meds did a job on me too.

OMG ... never again.  I go back on Feb 6th for a follow up to get the stitches out and learn what the biopsy report says.  I rescheduled my mammo for Feb 8th.  Sheesh ... one thing after the other.  BTW --- I am feeling pretty good.  My sinuses feel almost normal again.  My tongue is still bothering me.  I take 600mg of Ibuprofen at least 3 times a day.   It hurts that much but the meds do help.  Can't wait to get the stitches out.

Hoping everyone is well and that the New Year is starting out wonderfully.



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Never a dull moment, right?  YIKES!  I'll keep my fingers crossed with you and I'll probably throw in a prayer for your peace and a good report and a super speedy recovery for you mouth :)  You may want to use that thing!

Be nice to yourself and try to relax.

Hugs to you


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Gentle hugs, prayers an positive thoughts dear Sister.  So much excited in your life -- and at times, not the good excitement. 

Hoping that you are healing, and there is no need for the percocet.  Please update us when you can!

Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure.

Vicki Sam

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to keep us on our toes, Mary.  Thinking of you and hoping healing is fast!  Hugs, Linda

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on my prayer list

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fingers, eyes and toes crossed along with some pixie dust..I'll check back for update...



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sounds painful..I hope you are not in TOO much pain..


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sounds painful..I hope you are not in TOO much pain..


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Sorry to hear about your current troubles, Mary.  It's like we don't have enough on our plates--right?!  Anyway, praying that lump is benign and your mouth starts feeling better soon.  I am a "dental phobic" so this would be my worst nightmare.  You're a trooper.  Good luck and let us know.


Hugs, Renee

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"Ouch" I hope the pain goes quickly. And the biopsy comes back Neg. Your in my prayers. Sending positive thoughts and HUGS.

I'll check back on you please keep us posted.

Take care


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Gabe N Abby Mom
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I had a tooth pulled to get rid of an abcess between my 3rd and 4th rounds of TAC.  The dentist asked me so many times about keeping the tooth...I just kept saying pull it.  It was all the way up to my cheekbone and threatening my eye.  I was immediately glad to get rid of it.  You have my sympathy!

Let us know when you get those biopsy results back.  I'm sending out good vibes for negative!



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Double Whammy
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Like Renee, I too have dental phobia.  I used to say I'd rather have a Pap smear than have my teeth cleaned, but now that I have Paps all the time, I've sort of taken that back.  I digress ... hope the biopsy is nothing and hope your extraction heals quickly.   I also had an abscess less than a year after completing chemo and had to have an extraction.  Makes you wonder, don't it?  Let us know as soon as you get your results.  In the meantime, we'll be on pins and needles with you.


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