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Hopeful oncologist visit

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jim and i
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The oncologist can't figure out why Jim has no pain or breathing problems yet. He gave Jim less than a year to live 6 months ago. He has scheduled a lung CT for April which hopefully will show God has done a miracle on Jim. He does want Jim to see his Head and Neck doctor for the lip sore that isn't healing.


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I am glad to hear Jim is doing ok.  I will pray that you do get that miracle.



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that the CT scan shows a miracle happening!  I'm sorry to hear that the sore on his lip is still giving him trouble....


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I am praying there is a miracle in your midst as well.  I hope they figure out how to get his lip healing.

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I am also praying for that miracle, please do keep us posted.

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Ingrid K
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we all have to believe in miracles that's for sure.

I hope that you and Jim get one.....sending more prayers, just in case.



**Believe reference borrowed from Kent Cass Smile

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Having personally been witness to unexplainable events, and having a been twice part of them concerning my heart, I believe with every fiber of my being that God creates miracles... and remember...

There is no such thing as coincidence. They are just His miracles without an autograph :)




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Jan Trinks
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I'm so glad Jim isn't having any breathing problems or pain and pray he never does.  Keep us posted on the lip sore and hope and will be praying it's nothing!


Jan (Basketcase)

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if the doc is surprised he doesn't have the awful side effects. Still, I'm praying for more miracles to come for him!

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every day without pain or breathing problems is another miracle. we're all hoping he proves the oncologist wrong, way wrong.

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I agree with other posts that you've already had a miracle - praying for continued miracles!

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Thoughts, Prayers, Hopes, Dreams, and Miracles.


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A PET idntified lung metastasis last October. In January, one of the tumors grew into a spinal nerve produces LEVEL-9 Pain. Ocycodone provided urgent relief and urgent short radiation treatmet apparently shrunk the tumor and releived the pain. (Down to Level-3).

I'm providing this tidbit to indicate that the oncologist has some reason(s) to expect pain showing up.

I'm glad Jim has avoided pain/breathing-problems. Some patients do avoid these complications. There are spontaneous remissions reported in the clinical literature. Let's hope Jim will get mentioned in a future article on spontaneus remissions.

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Praying as well for that miracle......oh that it does happne!!!!



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Debbie,   It is very good to hear that Jim is "hanging in there". What a fighter he is! Hopefully as you know Miracles do happen and Jim is long overdue for one. Praying for "Jim and you", Homer & Connie

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