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Just finished chemo... Now need a liver MRI

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Hi everyone,


I just finished 12 rounds of Folfox 2 weeks ago.  I thought everything was good...the dr said my ct scan was fine ... I did have 2 lesions on my liver and one on a kidney...but he said he wasn't concerned about them.   Today I got a call from the drs office ... Apparently he rereviewed the scan and is concerned about the liver lesions.  He is scheduling me for an MRI... Next week.   I am really concerned about this... I was hoping for Ned.  I had an appointment with the dr for 3 weeks from now...just a check up and to discuss getting a ct scan in march?   I asked about a pet scan but he did not think it was "better" than a ct scan.   I think now I am going to push for the pet scan.   I want to know if there is any lymphatic activity...I had 4 out of 18 test positive for cancer in my surgery in June of 2012.   I am worried that this liver activity will make me a stage 4.... I have signet ring cell cancer which is more aggressive and harder to treat.   After my surgery they told me that they got it all and the chemo was just a mop up to get any stray cells.


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So sorry Alex. Why did he say he was not concerned about these lesions. Are they new, or have they been there? I completed Folfox in Dec and so far clear. I had 12/23 positive nodes, so just wait and see. My next scan is in March also. I did have 1 lesion on my liver which was removed when I had surgery in June. How are you feeling? Please let us know about you're MRI.

Stage IV

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So sorry to hear this!! I have had a spot on my lung since Dx in 2011 as well as several seen during surgery on my liver.  
They have stayed the same or lessened telling onc. it is not cancer. I also have just finished 12 rounds of FOLFOX with the same lymphatic activity as you.   I am hoping they are just being really careful with you and what they are seeing are just some of those "spots" everyone has, according to my docs.  It is so scary to get this kind of news and the roller coaster ride is just exhausting...I wish you the very best!!

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This might be nothing.  As another signet cell person I have learned not to re-act until all the facts are in.


Keep us posted.

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Alex, I know how you feel...

I'm going through a very similar experience. My CT Scans showed NO lesions in my liver. My CEA levels were climbing through Folfox/Oxciliplatin chemo so the dr. stopped chemo after 11 treatments and started searching for possible reoccurrence.  Even though the CT scan showed a healthy looking liver, the MRI of the liver showed five lesions.  I'm not going to start another chemo (Folfiri and Erbitux) on 1/31 (about a month after stopping the other chemo).

One thought for you to consider... If (when) I have to do another MRI I'm going to ask for a sedative.  Supposedly my breathing made for a more difficult to read MRI and I was getting anxious in the MRI tube. I hope a sedative will help with a better MRI image and make it a little easier for me to cope with.

Good luck my friend!!!


Phil (Blog: http://PScamihorn.Me)


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