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Meaning of TX and other x's

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i see u good people refering to TX and such, what are u talking aboit,just a country boy here..

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Hi nicholson, Here's what I know. Not sure if there are any more to add...LOL. Hope it helps.

Dx = Diagnosis

Tx = Treatment

Rx = Prescription Drug

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Abbreviations and definitions for common terms.

We all use abbreviations here and new-comers sometimes have a hard time understanding them.
SCC - Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Dx - Diagnosis
Rx - Prescription
Tx - Therapy? Treatment?
BOT - Base of tongue
PEG - Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy aka feeding tube


HPV - Human papillomavirus
rad - radiation
ENT - Ear, nose, throat Doctor aka Otolaryngologist
Glossectomy - Removal of tongue
Metastasis - Spreading of the cancer
XRT - Conventional external beam radiation therapy aka EBT
IMRT - Intensity modulated radiation therapy


PET - Positron emission tomography scan
CT/CAT - Co-axial tomography scan
EBT - External beam radiation therapy aka XRT
OCF - Oral Cancer Foundation
NCI - National Cancer Institute, a sub division of the National Institutes of Health
CCC - Comprehensive cancer center or clinic; A tumor board at a cancer center will include doctors trained in different disciplines. Having your case presented and evaluated by this type of multidisciplinary team will give you the best options for treatment, considering all possibilities from their different areas of expertise.


HBO - Hyper-baric oxygen Patient given oxygen under pressure prior to dental surgery.
Stage - Development of the cancer


TNM - System for describing the cancer


NCCN - National Comprehensive Cancer Network (an alliance of 20 leading comprehensive cancer centers).


Margins - Refers to the margins of biopsied tissue; clean margins indicate that all the visible cancerous cells were removed.
Biopsy - Removal of sample or whole of suspect tissue


Xerostomia - Dry mouth resulting from reduced or absent saliva flow
RO - Radiological oncologist
MO - Medical oncologist
DO - Dental oncologist

TORS - TransOral Robotic Surgery

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And for those with a little of that chemo brain fog..., there is also CRS;

Can't Remeber Shiot....


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Just George
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Come on now, since I just got this yesterday, what the heck is NED?

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D Lewis
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No Evidence of Disease.  NEMD No Evidence of Metastatic Disease.  Our most favorite acronyms!

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I hope you are kidding? If not NED is the best acronym a cancer survivor can hear. It stands for No Evidence of Disease, meaning a recent scan has not shown any cancer. After a number of NED and you get to 5 years you get this acronym CURED. 

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Did you just get your hair cut, or is that an older pic?

looks great, 



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