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Update on Best Friend's Husband

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Jan Trinks
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Hi all:


Up early this morning so thought I'd check in early!  Steve, (my best friend Beki's husband) saw the oncologist yesterday and Praise the Lord the cancer is not in the brain (a good thing).  They are concerned about one lymph node that has traveled to upper lobe of lung whereas the other 3 are where the spot is; so will be keep a close watch on that.  He will start on Feb. 11 weekly 2-3 hour chemo infusions and radiation 5 days a week for 6-7 weeks.  6 weeks after radiation is done will do another pet scan and see where they are then and may have to have another round of chemo.  Considering to be stage 3 which is still curable but even if not curable; is treatable with the liklihood of several years of survival.  So even though it's a mixed bag, it is mostly positive and I have kept her up to date with y'all's prayers and comments which she is very appreciative and will probably introduce herself on this site in the near future.  I've told her to be sure and mention she's basketcase's best friend so y'all can make the connection!  Thanks so much for your prayers and continued ones.  God Bless!


Jan (Basketcase)

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Praying for you!

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jim and i
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Thanks for the update. We will keep Steve in our prayers.


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Thanks for the update and we will continue to pray for your friend.



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We got your back Jan...., glad for the better news..

Thoughts & Prayers


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Steve and I are on parallel roads. Steve will become an expert on the 100-yard dash to the rest room, while dragging the IV-Pole. It's probably the most important new skill that must be learned.

Remember, we get pumped full of fluids for 4 hours. The trip home also provides a chellenge. I usually need to stop at a restroom (at Safeway) during the trip. I also wear protective underware after chemo on the trip home. The underware is almost never needed. By bed time the urine output has returned to normal and the protective underware is no longer needed. (I wear normal underware duing the infusion and change just before I go home.) I should also mention that I have a 70-year old's prostate. Rick

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Our infusion center realized the distances we were traveling and supplied a "to go" bottle for Dan... I just had to remind him that he was sitting in my normal seat, as I am driving lately, and I expect him to return it in its original condition :) thankfully mostly smooth highways!


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Literally! I'm learning so many wonderful things! ;) I'll have a two hour trip home on the weekends from Baltimore. Fun Fun!


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Jan,  As you know I have not been as active on CSN as before. I miss all my friends who helped Connie and I throughout her treatment. You are always helping someone, hopefully treatment will work well for Beki's husband and everyone here are always willing to help anyone in need. I just wanted you to know I have always thought you have a "heart of gold". Charlie has got to be so proud of you in Heaven. Love you, Homer & Connie

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Prayers your way Jan.



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Jan Trinks
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Thank you so much for saying you think I have a heart of gold.  It means a lot.  Beki and Steve went to Mobile this week to visit their older son and his wife and their grandson and now a baby girl they are fostering.  They will return to Chatt. today and Steve begins his chemo and rads on Monday.  I will let them know you they're on yet another prayer list! (And we certainly need all the prayers we can get!)  So glad Connie is doing so well.  Keep up the good work and God Bless!


Jan (Basketcase)

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