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CSN update

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I apologize to everyone for not having communicated sooner. You have been more than patient under the circumstances.

At this point, all of the content that was missing following the upgrade has been restored with the exception of private messages. There has been an ongoing investigation for several weeks that has yielded variable findings. But to make a long story short, it appears that it will be possible to restore at least some messages. That is all that can be reported at the moment because the investigation is not finished. I just wanted to let you know that the level of effort being devoted to it has in no way diminished. It is well-understood how important the private messages are to you, and you can be assured that there is a strong commitment to reach the best possible outcome.

Another ongoing effort is improvement of site performance. The consensus seems to be that, overall, it is better now than it was prior to the upgrade. However, steps are being taken to further improve it in the next couple of weeks.

In the interim, other technical issues are being addressed as they are identified, and ways to improve responsiveness to technical concerns and better meet your needs in the future are being discussed. Additionally, we are planning a formal evaluation of CSN this year.

Thank you again for your patience.

(aka Your CSN staff)

p.s. The man in the picture is my father. He was in his late 70s when this photo was taken in a Texas cotton field.

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Please know that we appreciate everything that you do for the boards and we know in time the CSN site will be better than ever.


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Thanks Greta,

Keep us posted .

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Thanks for the information, but I am wondering what happened to the friends list on our about me page. I know we can still pull up old friends, but aren't able to request new ones. Has this been deleted?


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Hi Sandra,

Your friends list appears on your "CSN Home" (logged in view of your homepage as well as a tab on your My CSN Space page). Friends lists were on CSN Home before the upgrade but the tab on My CSN Space is new.  The list on CSN Home will show a large green bullet/dot to the left of friends who are online at the time. I don't think the tabbed list shows which friends are online yet but I submitted a ticket to IT for it.  You will notice that your friends' avatars (if they have one) display next to their names now. Another thing that is new is that there is only one list of friends. The two previous lists were combined (list of people that we friended and list of people who friended us). In the old version, there was no mutual consent involved in friended someone. Now if you want to add a friend or they want to add you, a friend request is sent to the person being friended so you have some say in whose lists you appear on. If you don't want to accept someone's request, you can select "not now" (the requestor won't know you selected that option, so don't be concerned about them getting a notice that you declined).  Anyway, since you previously were friended by others without having any say in the matter, you can go through your new list and delete anyone who friended you that you didn't know, etc.

There is a link to add friends on both lists but the little icon by members' usernames that displayed on any post they made, isn't on the new version; we used to be able to click on that icon to add a friend. There also used to be the ability to click on a link at the bottom of each post if you wanted to add it as favorite content. Now you have to go to CSN Home, click on the add favorite content link and enter the URL to the content you want to save. I have a ticket in to have the link restored on every post that will automatically save favorite content. I don't know if restoring either the icon or the link is possible in the new version yet but at least I have the tickets submitted to have it investigated.

Unfortunately, CSN has been under heavy attack by spammers so the technical team's primary focus has been/is to identify the specific types of attacks and implement solutions. Spammers have as many ways to attack a website as reasons for doing it. I've been getting quite an education about it. But the bottom line is that the level of bombardment that has been aimed at CSN has been affecting site performance (even after all the other measures taken to improve it) so this is demanding the developer's attention over some of the other things that member's have requested.

Thank you for your patience,


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Tina Blondek
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Thanks Greta! This is the first time I have be on in a very long time. I love the changes!Smile


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Keep up the good work. The site is better. Too bad about the hackers.


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