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I apologize to everyone for not having communicated sooner. You have been more than patient under the circumstances.

At this point, all of the content that was missing following the upgrade has been restored with the exception of private messages. There has been an ongoing investigation for several weeks that has yielded variable findings. But to make a long story short, it appears that it will be possible to restore at least some messages. That is all that can be reported at the moment because the investigation is not finished. I just wanted to let you know that the level of effort being devoted to it has in no way diminished. It is well-understood how important the private messages are to you, and you can be assured that there is a strong commitment to reach the best possible outcome.

Another ongoing effort is improvement of site performance. The consensus seems to be that, overall, it is better now than it was prior to the upgrade. However, steps are being taken to further improve it in the next couple of weeks.

In the interim, other technical issues are being addressed as they are identified, and ways to improve responsiveness to technical concerns and better meet your needs in the future are being discussed. Additionally, we are planning a formal evaluation of CSN this year.

Thank you again for your patience.

(aka Your CSN staff)

p.s. The man in the picture is my father. He was in his late 70s when this photo was taken in a Texas cotton field.

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Thank you for letting us know the status of the upgrade issues, particularly about the private messages and recognizing their importance to us.

As for the responsiveness on the site, I am still finding times when I can't even get to the site.  It is non-responsive to the request.  Also, responsiveness within the site depends greatly on the number of members signed in.  Usually when it gets to about 30 or more, the wait to get to the colorectal board or to open a thread can seem overly long.

We appreciate your efforts to convey our issues and concers to the tech staff.


Marie who loves kitties

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"...it appears that it will be possible to restore at least some messages..."

Thanks for letting us know that there is hope and that they are still working on PM recovery.

It bewilders me how something that should be backed up in triplicate, every day, week or at least every month, with generations and generations of duplicate back ups, could be missing more than a day or two.  Those personal messages are precious, and often irreplaceable.

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I used to periodically scroll thru my to and from PMs as it would bring to mind some of those no longer among us....I greatly appreciate the ability to create links to the mostly unread stuff i post so those so interested can just click the link CSN now provides to article referrenced.

The inability to log on immediately is still a major drawback at times

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I've been finding it pretty easy to log in, certainly better than it used to be.  Now if the techies could just do something about the font size!  And what happened to spell check?  I'm not good enough at spelling to do without it.  Ann Alexandria

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Greta, you and everyone are doing a great job!  This is an excellent resource and I know a lot of hard time consuming work.  Just wanted to say that all of your efforts are appreciated!


Love the picture of your Dad.  My Dad used to wear overalls all of the time.


Thanks again!

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So many messages from people that meant so much and that have passed away are gone.  That is the saddest thing in the world to me at this point.  How do you ever replace that?  I'm glad that perhaps SOME messages will be restored, but everyone meant something, and to have that gone is so sad.

Goodbye Jennie, Kerry, Eric, and all those that passed away, I won't be able to look at your words and derive comfort from them anymore.

Yes, tears are falling, it is just so sad to have their words ripped away like that.  Everyday I've been looking to see if their restored and every day disappointed.

I wish BETTER professionals (I use that term losely by what happened from the professionals that "upgraded" this site) had been used, or a BACKUP (hence better professionals) of sometype had been used so messages could have been restored.  Or that our messages had been backed up and we could have paid for a copy of our messages on cd.

The upgrade, having a slower CSN wasn't worth the loss of our messages.

Winter Marie

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Cancer is such an emotional hotbed...and much like picking up a phone and dialing the number....the more busy signals you get, the more discouraged you get from trying....and then frustration....and then the inspiration is gone.

Personally, you can strip this thing thread bare...and put 100% into communications and connection...it's the words that are important...not smiley faces....or links...or bold and italics. 

When a person is "hot and emotional", they need access in a reasonable timeframe...posting can sometimes be so spontaneous and when it takes so much effort to get in...and read...and try to post...

Well, you know...

Even at work, with a fast internet connection, I timeout many times trying to connect. 

I appreciate you guys continuing to fix what you can.....and hopefully, going forward, there was much learned from this upgrade experience.

I think most of everyone (on all boards) probably miss the PMs the most...much like family photos lost in a fire, they can't be replaced...and we're stuck holding onto their thoughts in our memory. 

Anyway, it's a thankless job for all that you do there...thanks for keeping everyone in the loop.

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computer problems, it reminds me of my old career, when I worked for cisco systems as a network engineer talking to thousands of complaining yanks.

no complaints from me, just do your best. your efforts are appreciated.


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