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CSN update

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First of all, I apologize to everyone for not having communicated sooner.  You have been more than patient under the circumstances. 

At this point, all of the content that was missing following the upgrade has been restored with the exception of private messages. There has been an ongoing investigation for several weeks that has yielded variable findings. But to make a long story short, it appears that it will be possible to restore at least some messages. That is all that can be reported at the moment because the investigation is not finished. I just wanted to let you know that the level of effort being devoted to it has in no way diminished. It is well-understood how important the private messages are to you, and you can be assured that there is a strong commitment to reach the best possible outcome.

Another ongoing effort is improvement of site performance. The consensus seems to be that, overall, it is better now than it was prior to the upgrade. However, steps are being taken to further improve it in the next couple of weeks.

In the interim, other technical issues are being addressed as they are identified, and ways to improve responsiveness to technical concerns and better meet your needs in the future are being discussed. Additionally, we are planning a formal evaluation of CSN this year.

Thank you again for your patience.

(aka Your CSN staff)

p.s. The man in the picture is my father. He was in his late 70s when this photo was taken in a Texas cotton field.

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Thank you for addressing our concerns and for continuing to improve our 'safe harbor'.

The picture of your Dad is great.



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Thank you for the upgrading and postings.  Smile  It is always good to know what is happening, even if we don't like it.

I am very happy with the speed that the discussion board now has.  I am certain the private message part will make a lot of the posters happy.


Your father has done well to be working at that age.  I believe keeping busy, keeps us young. Cool





New Flower
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Hi Greta

Thank you for update.

Please put   Spellcheck function on your priority.

Chemo brain survivors Do Need this Option as they have difficulties and slide away 

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for the update .. and improvements!

Vicki Sam

ps   spell check would be nice

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Thank you Greta and team!  We appreciate all your efforts and the improvements.

I love the picture of your dad!



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Christmas Girl
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Thank you, and your colleagues.

Kind regards, Susan

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I submitted a ticket requesting it.  :-)

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Jean 0609
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Once in a while I still can't get on, but nothing like it used to be. Laughing  Hope all is well and I, too, like the picture of your Dad.





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