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Healing tips anyone?

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For those who have finished treatments does anyone have suggestions on jump starting the healing process? Jeff finishes rad the 31st and chemo this friday. The mouth is so cut up, red, sore, on fire and just plain beat up. You all know what I mean. He was wondering if anyone had suggestions. He uses the muguard about 10-12 times a day now (much easier to use since taste is gone). He rinses with proxcide. He has no teeth so he doesn't need to brush.

Love to hear your ideas


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I believe as many have said each will progress accordingly and sounds like he will to.  Hopefully with time and the necessary meds if needed, he will begin to eat and drink more and time will just have to takes its course.  I realize Im not offering any specifics others may do a better job on that than I did.  Im just knowing Im 5 months out and although the left side of my tongue is still sore and creates a bit of a sore thoart, but Im eating ok and the funny thing I seem to be enjoying spicy foods more now than before my dx of cancer and all the treatments.  Tonight had mexican and although it burned a bit it was a good burn.  So I will rap it up and wish you both the best in your recovery

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to really "jumpstart" healing....it's the rads are doing his mouth in, and until they are done his mouth will suffer.  He might try L-Glutamine rinses (as well as the salt/soda rinses)...L-glutamine was the only thing I could put in my mouth the last three months of treatment that didn't sting like crazy.  It's an amino acid that supposedly helps healing.  You can get it at the health food store.


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That the L Glutamine for me was the only thing I can say that jump started me through the healing process. Your body's natural reaction to the burning effects of radiation is to sluff off the burned tissue. The L Glutamine will help to rebuild new tissue as the old burned tissue releases. If you can swallow, the entire "L" chain of amino acids is very good for tissue and muscle regeneration.


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My son is 17 and wanting to bulk up. Mike knows the feeling. :-) 

So he shows me this stuff he drinks, amino something. Guess I need to check it out more, he may be having to share it with Pop!

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I used the generic magic mouth wash to get through the worst of my burns to the mouth and down my throat.  To hear he is rinsing this much is a good thing !  I will add one thing though....I had all my teeth pulled for tx's and ran into trouble with thrush...as have many.  I swab out my mouth and tongue every day at least 3x's a day and haven't had a reoccurrance.  It will get better with time, I'm sorry he has to go through this.  Stinks !  Best sent to you both !   Katie

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There isn't any...

We all heal/recover differently, and it doesn't happen until your body decides it's time.

Being pro-active and taking care of yourself, well hydrated and plenty of calorie intake is about the best you can do, to include hygene, rinses, etc...

Congrats on finishning up, now it's just going to take a little time...

Best ~ John

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My dad had really the worst side effects that lasted for very long. He felt terrible for about 3,5 months after chemo/rad treatments. His neck was so badly burned that he had to wear bandages. His mouth were full of ulcers, sores.. He couldn't swallow at all, so he was hospitalized for about 3 weeks (just after the last radiation) and getting fluids thru IV. Then he slowly started to eat, only pureed and almost liquid foods. Mom added soup or milk to everything. He couldn't drink water. Doctors told us that he should keep hydrated - it will fasten up the healing process. They were right. No matter how hard it was for him to swallow (he had no PEG tube) we were encouraging him to drink tea or water. First it was very difficult for him, but he was trying. And more liquids he drank, better he felt. His mouth started to heal a bit faster.

After 3,5 months he started to feel a lot better. So I think that time is the biggest factor here. Everybody is different so it doesn't mean it will be the same for Jeff. The other things my dad was doing: rinsing, gargling sage or salt water. But hydration is the most important.

His healing will go well, you'll see! Just give yourselves some time.

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As was said, it just takes time.  Stay on top of your nourishment and hydration.  Keep rinsing and drinking lots of water.  I always felt like it helped to flush out the system, the cancer was dead now it is time for all the treatment poisons to leave and let your natural immune system take over.  You need to eat or drink or PEG healthy, do what ever you can to help your body out and that includes rest and exercise.  My first walks around the block were killers, but it gets better.


Hang in there brother,



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