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Healing tips anyone?

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For those who have finished treatments does anyone have suggestions on jump starting the healing process? Jeff finishes rad the 31st and chemo this friday. The mouth is so cut up, red, sore, on fire and just plain beat up. You all know what I mean. He was wondering if anyone had suggestions. He uses the muguard about 10-12 times a day now (much easier to use since taste is gone). He rinses with proxcide. He has no teeth so he doesn't need to brush.

Love to hear your ideas


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Congrats on the last chemo! I know how tough it is with the mouth sores. Food has always been a reward with me but when  your mouth is like his and he can't taste anytyhing anyway, try to just be happy that chemo is done! It will only get better with time! Try to find something siimple to reward- a footrub? Movie? Wishing you the best!

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The healing process post rads+chemo is a very long and slow one--and since he's not even finished yet, he'll keeping feeling worse for a little while, until he can start to turn a corner.  Even when that corner is turned, it will be a two steps forward-one step back deal.  Even though it's one day at a time, try not to measure progress that way.  It helped me to measure progress by weeks and months, not days.

Also, try to set some goals, even if they seem very minor at the start.  Take very short walks out of the house--my first one was about a hundred yards (50 out, 50 back) and it really boosted my spirits.  That from someone who's run a few marathons! 

Most of all, he should listen to his body.  His body will tell him what he needs and what he's capable of doing on his way to recovery.

Good luck to both of you.  The worst is hopefully about to be over soon, and you both can look forward to the new normal of cancer survivorship.



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My husband is 6 months out of his second round of radiation and 7 more chemo treatments since 2010.  And like everyone says, it takes time and radiation is a gift that keeps giving.  Rest is very important to heal, even pain medication.  Our specialist told us it just takes time.   And really there isn't any quick fix or tips at this point.


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