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Now Thyroid cancer....

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Just finished my treatment for radiation 2 weeks ago( which I am still really tired from...) and found out I have thyroid cancer. The biopsy said papillary, so thats good, hope its not in my lymph nodes. Anyone else have this happen to them? The fatigue really concerns me.

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Sorry but I can't give you any true advice.  Do know of a good friend who was diagnosed with this cancer and told me it's apparently one of the easiest to treat.  She's living proof some 10 years later living a good life


Wishing you the best,


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similar to Jan, I have a friend who had it 20 years ago and had the same experiene even with treatment years ago



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I also have thyroid cancer. I was dx in 2009, had total thyroidecmy, 2 rounds of RAI and now spread to my lungs. 

I was dx of uterine cancer in 2004, had chemo, internal and external radiation. I was ok tillin 2008 I was dx with

Stage 1 breast cancer. Again i had surgery (lumpectomy)I only had radiation. Now both uterine and breast cancer

are ok but still under Dr's care. I am now concerned on my thyroid cancer that has metastasized to both lungs. I am 

being monitored closely. Since my nodules in my lungs are slowly growing and no symptoms so no treatment for now. 

I take one day at a time and enjoy each day, positve attitude and strong spirits. So don't get your dx. Get in your way

Take care and god bless. 

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...uterine cancer in 2004, breast cancer in 2008 and thyroid cancer in 2009. 

Love this quote from your post: "I take one day at a time and enjoy each day, postive attitude and strong spirits. So don't let your diagnosis get in your way." 

You are an inspiration Hannah. Smile

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Hi Nora, we all need to have a positive attitude towards cancer in order to live longer. 

Staying positive will boost up our immune system and stay up to date with your Dr. 

As my Dr. says do the things you like each week or day so you don't regret later when 

your not able. I've been through a lot so each one made me stronger and with good support 

from family and friends and from this network. So keep that spirits up. Take care and god bless. 

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My sister-in-law had Thyroid cancer over 20 years ago.  She had treatment and is still cancer free today.  I hope that all goes well for you.


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