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advice on tattoo post treatment

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Hello Everyone,

It has been a while since I posted.  It will be a year that my husband Robert finished treatment on April 2nd.  He has been thinking of getting a tattoo redone and would like to hear any advice or thoughts on the idea.  



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i am considering one and me induction chemo starts next week. want to blend some of one my son and daughter have along with thje fight the cancer theme. 

how about including some indication of the NED findings so far. that is one of my ideas, to line up each NED report on the tatoo and leave a place at the end for the war won CURED at the 5 yr mark.

since he is 'redoing' one you are not adverse to them so go for it, others certainly have here.


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Thanks for your response, much appreciated!


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I got a new tattoo last September , 9 months out of all treatment , I didn't ask onco or anyone else ... Tat went well , healed well.


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Hi Denise,

I have two that I got after very significant events in my life. I don't know if there are any medical ramifications of getting inked after treatment but I know I want to get a victory tattoo after my first NED after treatment!


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Me too!!!!


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The only thoughts or concerns that I would have/suggest, would be to check with your MD's for their blessing...., which would include all of your blood work being in normal ranges again...

For me it took nearly a year post Tx for everything to come back in normal ranges again.

Best ~ John

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I chose to get a tat to bring closure and or acceptance to my journey with cancer. It was my first, and after 48 years on this earth, I have no regrets. I tried to post a couple of pics, but was only able to post them on my "about me" page. If someone can tell me how to put the pics here, I will. I'm thinking about getting another to help deal with round two of my journey with the beast.


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Type some text. Now you want image, so click on the square tree icon to the left of the scissors. You will see a popup window. Click on the icon to the right of the image URL box. This brings up another window where you can select an image on your local PC to upload. Step 5 gives you an option to select the local image file. make sure to scroll around to find the insert/save buttons to make sure image gets inserted. Hope that helps.

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Ingrid K
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We just did a tattoo post not too long ago (maybe a week or 2 ago) and I posted a picture of the tat my husband got in my honor, I think it's very cool. Others posted their pics too, check it out. I'll try and find that post and pull it up.
As far as safety issues, I would only ask your onc or MD to get the all clear but I'm sure it's going to be fine or will be in time. I know many people who now have them since successfully going thru treatment.


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Billie,Is his tatoo the Giraffe. If so, I love that tatoo. I hope u don't mind but I saved the picture. I am going to get that one my self, for my husband. Just don't know where yet! I Love It! Mrs  Mechanicman 

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Yes it is the tattoo of the giraffe. He gets more compliments on that thing and boy is it a conversation starter! I must admit, for myself I'm not a big tattoo person but I can't help but smile when I see his and know he did it for me and in support of me and all you too!
If you get one you must post a picture of it.

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Tattoos never did anything for me. So needless to say the day before I started radiation I wasn't real pleased when they annoumced they were giving me a tatoo on my chest so they could line me up everyday for my zapping. Since then I've had thoughts about adding to my little dot tattoo but every morning while shaving, I look at it and smile and realize it's part of the reason I am still alive. So I will never be able to altar my dot or get another tattoo or else I would have to stop shaving because I wouldn't be able to look my dot in the eye again because it would lose it's meaning.

I hope it makes sense




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i am not a tatoo person at all, but at 15 years survival i wanted something to give awareness. 

i probably will not get another unless.... and maybe... make it too 30

check with your doc's before doing any. 


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