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Wanna improve your "odds"? Get off your ass!!!!!

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more on the importance of physical activity (if practical-there was a period where just getting out of bed to car service to get to treatment was all i could barely do)






It shouldbe a foregone conclusion without any doubt that being active throughout the day, every day,is as important as anything else we might  do to try to keep going


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thanks steve, shagging, yoga, walking, sauna

these reports are bittet sweet. 

 pepe joined me as a key member of the walking post years ago.

why its so hard, i dont tknow.

turning off tv, disconnecting cable tv a day after dx all those years ago, was an innuitive move, decision the may in the end save the day, at least me.

being different, the hallmark of my health.


hugs,how ironic to be an outlier in joining the survival club, you have to go against the mob. 

being unique saved me so far. i hope it keeps on working


ps and no wants to reply to the walking post, maybe exercise was the x factor me

pps i told you so beings little joy, a very very sad phrase, given our responsibility to each other as humans

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It's soooooo cold way up in Canada!!!!!    They're telling us not to let out pets outside........our cars won't start in the morning because of the cold!!!!    Maggs back me up!!!!!!  

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I can back you up. It was so cold today that I paid $15.00 to park in the hospital parking lot! I don't part easily with my money. I always try like crazy to get a free parking spot on the street. Today I was very happy to spend the money and avoid a five minute walk as it was -26 in Ottawa.


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