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O.T. Sat will be 34 yrs

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Jan 26 will be 34 yrs since my father *died..(I was 19 yrs old) I thought I was an ADULT and could handle the world and did. NOW i looke at my youngest who will be 21 day prior and even at that age how hard it would be for her to lose her DAD.

*car accident-due to ICE

Thanks for listening..or reading..lol



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When we are forced to say goodbye to a loved one, it doesn't matter how old or how young we are...it still hurts!  I was 27 when my father died, and (blessedly) 56 when my mom died.  But I keep both of them, and all of the others that have gone before me to light the way, alive and loved in my heart.  I never stopped talking about the memories I have, and that is what keeps them alive!

My daughter was 26 when her dad passed suddenly of a heart attack.  Poor dear, 6 weeks later, her sister (my other daughter) died.  So, her family went from 4 to 2 in less than 2 months!!!  But, as I always remind her, she has her memories...and they are very much alive there!!!

We learn to adapt, and if we are lucky, keep everyone close to us aware of how much we care for them!

So, dearest Denise....I am putting my arms around you...a BIG, STRONG, loving hug!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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wow you have been through a lot...I still thiink of them (MY  MOM died 6 yrs ago) daily..I  have a picture of them on my visor. I had my dad a short time but it was better to have GREAT dad for short time then a bad dad forver , in my eyes.


I grew up fast-my mom didn't handle it well so I TOOK OVER..

so sorry your family had to go through two esp. so close to each other...

MY whole family live in my house...two grown daughters, 2 grandsons, hubby...

One full time college and other one single mom-no choice but to move back...$$$$



thanks for the reply



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It is so hard to lose a parent-no matter the age.  Toughest for me was losing my mom after a very brief illness( when I was pregnant at age 28).  She died from sporadic CJD, an extraordinarily rare sporadic occurring type od a "Mad Cow" disease variant.  It was truly a nightmare.  I still miss her but I feel her every day.  She was the sweetest lady: an emergency room RN with 6 kids, married to a physician and so amazingly calm and nurturing.  She would have loved you all!!

My dad was older (80) and had been ill for a long time (strokes).  It was a little easier to accept, but I still miss him too. 

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MY dad died in accident and My mom slow (in hospital the last 3 mths of her life)-fast or slow...BOTH stink and one is no better/ easier then the other...though in past I thought it would make a difference prior to experiecing both.


your mom sounds great.........

To me if over 50 and have even ONE parent I am like "WOW" I know many do but I lost both before I was 50


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