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Had to postpone a treatment today

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Hated to do it with only 7 remaining but I got hit with full blown Thrush last night.  I had a twinge of a Thrush thought about two days ago and started a Flucononsol (sp?) regime just in case and I'm lucky I did.  It was ugly last night but much improved this morning.  I still don't think I can keep the mask down through the whole treatment but giving my whole mouth/throat a day off might just be a good thing anyway.


Boy would I love to be able to swallow ANYTHING.

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bit** for sure.  The Diflucon does make short work of it, thank gawd.  I kept it on hand for 3 months after treatment was over because the thrush kept sneaking up on me.  I know the feeling of being so close to the end and having to postpone treatments...hopefully it will just be this one.  I was trying to get to the single digits when the machine broke down for 3 days....I was chomping at the bit to get in there and get the rads done!

The rest from rads gave my neck a chance to heal, and this will give your mouth a break....it works out better in the end.


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I think I had 3 or 4 bouts of thrush but fortunately never bad enough to miss rads. The last time I got it, the ONC gave me wafers that were much more convenient and therefore I never missed a dose. It cleared up and knock on wood, hasn't returned since. It's painful but will pass and you'll have those last few rads knocked out in no time.

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Hi Joe,

You are my main dude here, I feel like I am drafting behind you; although with induction, the bad rads are pushed down the calendar. Hang in there, you really are close enought count them off one by one. It must be quite difficult too when you get hit with added side effects added to the primary ones.


Glad you can keep typing here, you must be worn out as well all the time. We do appreciate the daily updates from the front lines, at least I do.

Thanks and hang tough!



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Don't like the idea of having to delay this hell but sounds like you need a break. I hope you feel better and get back on the bus pronto. By the way I have 8 treatments left and I am counting in single digits now. I am scheduled to finish on the 4th of Feb.


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... You were slowed down. Thrush isn't fun, but the meds are fast. Dan will be on them til Sometime in feb., since they saw the first sign in week two In December.

some of you guys are just over-achievers!

hope you are back on track and done very soon,


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I bet you are just broken up about missing a rad appt. 


The worst thing to happen to me was during the last week of rads.  I was all snapped in the techs had walked around the corner and I threw my hands up and said I wasn’t ready.  My throat was so swollen and I hadn’t got myself psyched up yet.  I had them pull the mask off, I jumped up, walked over to the sink and rinsed and spit and had a drink of water, then I was ready.


Hope you feel better; they are waiting for you in the zap chamber.



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you are doing well enough to be back on schedule.


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Every day you move forward is a closer day to swallowing ...keep trying to exercise those swallow muscles...very important..whispered a prayer all moves along well as it should.






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