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Hiya from pascotty

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Joined: Aug 2010

Hi fellow dx. Just want to say hi and let you know that I'm still doing great and loving life. Dx 2009 right tonsil scc and 1 lymph. 34 rads 3 cisplatin. finished treatment April 2010. Have all taste buds back. Saliva is still helped by chewing gum. Yes sugar free. Tinnitus still there but only notice it when I mention it. Like now. Grrr. Little deafness. Similar too industrial deafness. Family are all wonderful. Business is thriving. I hope this is inspiring to anyone that may be anxious. tx has to be done. And it's doable. Life goes on. Don't worry about dying. It's inevitable. So enjoy living. You are still alive. Love and prayers to you all. Jen from Ozzie land xxxx

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jim and i
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We can all use it along the way. I thank God you are able to enjoy life and all is well with you.


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Pascotty......and the reminder that life goes on.  Glad to hear you're doing so well....gives hope to those of us that are just short-timers out of treatment.  I'm still waiting for taste and saliva...ha!


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Love to hear the encouraging news. It's a year since dx, cancer of lower jaw, for me, surgery, rads and Cisplatin. Finished tx 05/2012. One clean PET and 2 clean CT's w/contrast.  Just when I think I'm going to have to come to terms with a long term side effect, I see some improvement.  Definitely an on-going process. Nice to see someone doing so well.

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As one who is about to begin the journey, thank you for the encouragement!


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You been on one of those there walk abouts....?

Congrats on a life that goes on....

BTW, have you heard from Ray..., I see him occasionally on FaceBook, not so much here..., LOL..guess he's done with us and moved on...., or the Dingo got him.

Best ~ John

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Posts: 171
Joined: Aug 2010

I never caught up with ray as planned but have seen him on Facebook also great to see that you are on here offering your knowledge   I get a little busy at times but this sight and you guys are never far from my thoughts. You are very inspirational. keep up the great work you are doing xxx Jen 

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Thanks for the compliments....my pleasure to help and give back as I can.

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D Lewis
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Great to hear from you, Jen. Glad life is treating you well.


Nous Defions
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Joined: Jun 2012

It is always great to hear good news. I'm glad that you are doing so well. I pray that you continue to have a pleasant journey. 


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Pam M
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I got a lift seeing your name on the post.  Glad you stopped by to give us an update.  Keep right on doing what you're doing.

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Nice post, even nicer with you doing well.  As I slip two Xylimelts in my mouth just before bedtime I can relate to the lack of saliva.  Very happy for your taste bud update, that seems to be the tie which binds us all.


Great to hear from you, I will look forward to always good posts.



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Congratulations Pascotty from fellow Aussie (ex pat in Florida). So good to hear positive things happening, even though I didn't know you we certainly share a bond (especially with the saliva thing). Take care and all the best for a bright future.

regards Michael

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