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Do you see your oncologist each time you have a chemo treatment?  I'm having my third treatment tomorrow and it will be the first time I've see him since my original diagnosis in November.  When I went for my second one, he was on vacation.  I just wondered how often you see them.

Also should I expect the same side effects (which weren't too bad) this third time?  Or does each one get a little more difficult?



Lynn Smith
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In the beginning I saw my oncologist every 3 months. I didn't need chemo or radiation but she put me on tamoxifin.After 3 1/2 years I see her every 6 months.Not sure how long but might be every 5 years when it once a year. I just go as long as they make the appt.  

At the appt I always get my blood drawn and markers checked.Started out they weren't doing a marker test but when I asked my doctor about the marker test she started doing them.They aren't always conclusive. One friend  had 3 marker tests.All said her cancer was back.Had 3  MRI's and all found nothing.After the 3rd time around her doctor said she was cancer free. The test gave false results.You don't know what to think. May be why my doctor didn't order marker tests for me in the beginning.

Lynn Smith      

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I see mine most every time but I am in chemo and go weekly. Some times I see the nurse practitioner. I don't mind seeing her I like her and she is very good. Plus I know the Dr is there if I want to see him.

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I didn't take chemo, but, I would think your onco would see you during each chemo.  Praying you're doing well.



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I don't see him everytime-altho he'll usually pop in to say hello or give me a little "face-time". Sometimes, like last time, I spent the visit with the nurse practitioner who is very good.

I get blood and tumor marker tests as well. Initially I was against them due to the high rate of false positives, but now I feel better about it. Only 1 false positive so far & that went down in 30 days.

If you want to see you onc I would make that clear when you schedule your next appt.

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During chemo, my oncologist would give me "clearance" for chemo for the day.  If he was away, another of the doctors popped in and did the same.  My oncologist comes down from a university hospital just Mondays.  The other doctors who are at the facility also take care of individuals with blood disorders and auto-immunity problems.  Infusions never began until I got the ok from the DR.

On Tuesdays (Neulasta shot) and Fridays (blood sample) when I was at the facility, my oncologist was not.  I knew he would not be there.  So, if I had questions, I would ask the nurse practitioner. 


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Gabe N Abby Mom
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I see my onc every other month, on the opposite month we have a phone appointment.  Plus he is available by email, phone call to his assistant, or phone call to the advice nurse.  I've been seeing him for a little over 2 years now.  He is also very quick to get me in for tests if he feels they are warranted.




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If I have questions, I could ask the nurse, but he or the PA would always take a minute to say hi.  Now I see him about once a month or so with the Herceptin, or I see one of the partners.  Never have chemo til bloodwork shows numbers are in and he ok's it.  I am glad, if I don't see him, there is no $30. copay!  Even when I don't see him, he, pa or a partner are always available.  One has to be there in order to receive chemo.  If he is on vaca, then I see one of them if I am scheduled for a 'doctor' visit, or I go to their main clinic to the infusion room where there are doctors available if there was ever an issue.  I am good with it! 

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For me, it was different with the different chemos.  With neo-adjuvant A/C, I saw him before each infusion with were5 DD so every 2 weeks.   With the 12 weekly Taxol, i saw him every other week.   Blood was done before every infusion.  I saw him 2 weeks after the last Taxol (a week after starting rads) and then in 3 months.  Since then I see him every 6 months.  He no longer does blood work but goes off the last blood work that was done by my PA at VA and sent to him.  I see her every 6 months now which just happens to be in the middle of the time between when I see him.

We are each so unique there is no way that anyone can tell you exactly whagt you will experience.  In my case, A/C was not bad at all - Taxol was NASTY.  For some it's the opposite.  Our Dr are also different in how they treat us.  If I remember correctly, most (if not all) the other IBCers here did 2 different rounds of chemos before surgery -my Dr didn't recommend that but wanted to do A/C neo-adjuvant, then surgery, then Taxol then rads.  Must have been the right choice for me - as far as I know I'm still NED at 3+ yrs.

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Glad to hear you are ok. I had been thinking of you lately. I am 2 weeks post 3rd chemo and soon my 4th and last by next Weds. Thanks to a lot of prayers and support from family and friends and all my doctors I will be done soon with this chapter and will move on to the next. My 1st chemo was uneventful, my 2nd was harder, more aches and pains and fatigue, bloating and constipation but my 3rd was the hardest. I developed itching, hives, more fatigue, more downtime. I just now feeling better and went out for the first time. BUT, nothing that is serious, I am looking forward for the next and last one. It will probably  the hardest but I know I can do it. As far as seeing my oncologist, I do see her all the time I have chemo, I get to sit down with her and my husband and review my labs,  discuss any questions and plans for the next visit. Everyone is different and since we also don't get the same cocktail, we also have different reactions. I am glad you are doing ok though and I pray that you always will  through the whole journey. Take care.

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