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Ketogenic Diet?

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Just wondering if anyone has tried the ketogenic diet for glioblastoma in conjunction with traditional treatment and what your experiences have been? Thanks!

Susan M.
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My husband has a GBM IV.  We are staying as close to ketosis as we can.  We should be getting a blood ketone meter soon.  At the moment all we have are urine dip sticks, and we are only showing a small amount of ketones.  I use a little MCT oil in his eggs along with the cream.  I try to add good fats where ever I can, and try to keep the protein down just a little bit as well.  We use very few carbs, mostly green leafy foods. I also try to limit cheese to some degree as my husband is a type-2 diabetic (diet controlled).

Considering that most of the medications that he has to take tend to raise blood sugar, I am happy that we are able to keep his BS around 105.  We know that it should be much lower, but until we get the ketone meter we are doing the best that we can.  

We are half way through the radiation/temodar treatments and have been very low, low carb the entire time.  We won't know the results of our efforts for quite a while, but I will try to let you know how that first MRI turns out.

This is an adjunct therapy.  We have been low carbers for about four years now, and we were going to try nutritional ketosis this year for weight loss.  It just so happens that we are starting the program a little sooner than we had intended.   

My husband, Steve, had his craniotomy and diagonisis on January 7 of this year.

We feel that this additional therapy should cause no harm, and perhaps may help extend his life, perhaps for a long, long time.


Blessing to you and yours.






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Hello, I have been on and off the ketogenic diet since I was first diagnosed and found out about the diet about 3 years ago. I have had a hard time finding diet information that pertains directly to adults with brain cancer. There are books on it for parents of children with epilepsy and there are studies done on it's effectivness in adult glioma. There are also websites and message boards on the ketogenic diet and weight loss/body building. However, I would feel much more confident if there was a book or website for those with adult brain cancer on how to go about this diet properly. Have you found anything?

I'm not sure how low to cut my caloric intake. I usually have around 1,000 a day. My diet consists of coconut oil, certain nuts and seeds, eggs, meat, and olive oil. I have a mega sweet tooth so that is what usually makes me give in after a few weeks. I have been having "chia seed pudding" sweetened with stevia and it does an okay job of satisfying the sweet tooth. I notice that when I go off the diet, I get seizure auras and my left temple twitches like crazy. My tumor is in my left temporal lobe. It's as if the cancer cells have a field day when I go off the diet. When I'm on the diet, I feel hungry but less foggy headed.

Susan M.
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My husband and I are both trying to follow a ketogenic diet,my husband for his GBM and me for support.  I have been tracking a couple of folks who are doing their own n-1 experiments with this diet.  One of these folks is a doctor by the name of Georgia Ede.  You might be able to find some good information on her blog site.  She just posted her experiences of this last week.  She is in her fourth week of this experiment.  Her blog site is    http://diagnosisdiet.com

Good luck, and our prayers are with you.


Susan M.


P.S.  One thing I have noticed, is that when my husband Steve, is having to take dexamethasone is that he is not extra hungry the way that some people are that are eating a standard American diet.

Susan M.
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Joined: Feb 2013

For that sweet tooth, have you tried making your own chocolate candy with about 2 tablespoons of melted coconut oil, a little stevia and a bit of cooking cocoa (to taste)?  I melt it all together in a small metal measuring cup, then line a small plate with plastic wrap and pour the mixture on it.  Put it in the freezer for about ten minutes and you get pretty tasty candy.  It's not See's Chocolate, but hey, it's still candy! :)

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