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anyone taking ativan long time ??? I would like to guit taking it

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Just looking for some advice. I have been taking a very low dose of ativan for a year since my surgery etc. I have read about side effects of stopping the medication and plan on doing it slowly, however i just wondered if anyone else took it for a period of time and had any kind of major withdrawal from it? I dont like to read things on the internet do to the fact they all seem like horror stories . Thank you

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hi I recently stop taking it ,I tapered it down and in three days I was done. But you should call your doctor to be sure what is right for you. I was fine with no side effects.


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I was taking it for about a month after diagnosis and before the first chemo, not regularly only as needed.

Then I decided that it negatively affects my short term memory and quit taking it. I had no problem quitting. However it did not fix my memory.

9 months later I still often stand in front of the open fridge wondering why I opened it and use MS Outlook reminders for every little thing.

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I've been taking .5 to 1 mg for sleep since lasr summer .  I periodically skip a couple nights and the only thing that happens is I can't stay asleep for longer than 1-2 hrs which is why I started in the first place.  I amnot anxious so I think chemo did something to my brain.


Connie from the uterine board

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I have been taking it since November 7th when I started Chemo. I usually take it once a day at night before bed. I have not noticed any side affects yet. Sometimes I will take it on my Carbo week with Zofran because it helps with nausea.

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Ativan worked well for me during chemo to subdue nausea. I now use it a few times a month to help me sleep better. I have noticed that I feel a little depressed the next day after taking it, though, so I try not to use it too often. It really helps, though, if I have a big day coming up or a medical event for which I feel anxious.

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