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No hair!

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Hi everyone, well my husband is still fighting, and now to add to the battle is his hair loss!! We knew the new drug after 3 weeks of being in his system he could lose his hair, but still a shock, any tips on coping with this? Take care all. 

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Just tell him that he still looks as handsome as the day you married him - no matter if he has hair or not. :)  He's with you, and that's all that really matters, right?

Take care,


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but it makes sense that men might not like it much either.  It's such an obvious symbol of the illness, especially when the brows and eyelashes go.   I like the suggestion to keep telling him how handsome he is.  That's what my husband did for me (lots of "you have a perfect skull, honey!"), and it did help a bit.  AA

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I know my ex brother-in-law delt with his baldness (natural, not chemo) why saying he lost it from hitting the headboard too often '(he's a bit risqué) and we had a few laughs over it.  

I know for men it can be as traumatic as it is for women, otherwise they wouldn't be showing Rogaian and  the hair club for men ads all the time.

i would go with others on their suggestions of telling him how good his head looks.  Everyone has been telling me that ;-) and it works for me.

plus remind him, his hair will grow back, bald heads from natural hair loss does not, he's got an advantage over those poor men!

Winter Marie

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Beyond the "vanity" we all have for our locks, the hair loss is an outward sign that we are sick.  It puts it right out there for us each time we look in the mirror, regardless of how we are feeling today.

This time of the year it is important to cover the head to prevent loss of body heat, so perhaps you can start him a collection of hats and winter caps.  If he has a sense of humor that he likes to share with others, try some that are a bit "out there".  Another suggestion for those with a sense of humor...have him lean forward and write some snappy retort on the top...then all he will have to do is bare his head and put his head down and he will always have an answer to any question he doesn't want to answer...and will share a laugh.

Seriously though, you already got the best advice...keep reminding him that he is still your love...hair or no hair.


Marie who loves kitties

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Tell him you find him even more attractive without hair. Make a big deal about the formation of his skull. Suggest that wear his hair really short after finishing chemo cause he looks even better without hair.

On a serious note, I do not like seeing my husband Steve without hair. He looks fine, it's just a constant reminder that there is an illness going on. If it wasn't for his hair, and wearing the pump for 48 hrs. there would be no obvious indication that there is a problem. I guess what I'm saying is that if my husband had hair, it would be easier for me to slip into denial. Lol

Take care,


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Thank you so much again for yreply says. I love my husband so much, he is so brave. I know it's hurts him to lose his hair and for the first time in 2 1/2 years it is obvious he has cancer. Another battle for us to fight. Thank you agaioffer your thoughtful comments take care and love to all. 


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I was told bald is sexy in a man. Look at Telly Savales and Yull Brunner they shaved there heads and made it big on the screen and TV.

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Just think of Kojack. Bald is beautiful!!! LOL

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I must say,  I love the shaved look on men!!! Laughing      Chemo.,  natural,  or shaved.....I love that look.......JMO!!!!

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I have been Bald several times through out my treatmnet and frankly the more you go out in public and see that people really don't stare it becomes ok, and you can become more comfortable, my only problem with hair loss is it gets cold not having hair.


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I lost 50% of my hair after the first folfiri cycle. I did not wait to loose the rest and shaved my head instead. Bold is sexy right?

Really its no big issue and not worth stressing about. There are more important issues that you need to deal with.



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my opnion is that its just hair and will grow back somday:) if not, less to worry about!

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ahhhh I am so sorry there is any concern with hair loss....."she said after being married to the sexiest man...(bald since 21....now 65) 'I love bald.....I really love bald....you get to see all that nice structure of the skull....

everyone man in our fam is bald....just seems so natural....Smile

all the best....



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