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CURE magazine

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I came across a great resource for patients, caregivers and survivors while in my oncologist's office yesterday.  You may have seen it, but just in case you haven't, it's C.U.R.E. Magazine (Cancer Understanding, Research and Education).  You can get a free subscription at:


The current issue has a great article on Cancer Survivorship Plans (CSP).  The idea is to start planning early to be a survivor by being knowledgeable of things right from the start, and planning ahead for the many ups and downs that happen after treatments.  You can go directly to this article at:


The website looks likes it's very informative too.




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WOW, sorry you haven't heard or seen of it before...

I was advised of it during my first chemo class, over four years ago, and have subscribed since...

Like you mention, it has excellent articles and information...


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Posts: 403
Joined: Nov 2011

why I wish I had found this site when it all started for me, instead of stumbling upon it 2.5 years later.  CURE would have been very helpful at that stage.  If your first chemo infusion was about four years ago, you and I are on almost the same timetable.  My treatments started in late Feb. 2009. 




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Dx January 5th 2009 with the tonsils coming out, Tx started sometime late February, finished up sixteen weeks mid June 2009.

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Thanks for sharing this information Mike. Just subscribed.


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Just subscribed.



Nous Defions
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For the info Mike. I just subscribed as well.


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I just subscribed.

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If I'm not mistaken, I saw this in the rad oncologist's office... just subscribed.


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