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Another anniversary

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Well It appears that I have survived another year. The 22 nd Of Jan 1998 I had a tumour in my transverse and descending colon removed along with 6 cancerous lymph nodes. A year of chemo followed and I have remained ca free ever since. Fifteen years. To all of you currently in the battle for your lives I wish you well and good health. Survival is possible but it never gets easy. Hugs to all Ron.

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Hey Ron,

Congratulations!  I know that you've been having a hard time lately, and it certainly hasn't been an easy journey for you, but this is still certainly a reason to celebrate.  I'm raising my glass high to you!  :)

Take care,


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Congratulations Ron. Thank you for sharing your good news. Hope you have many more anniversaries to celebrate.


Posts: 1170
Joined: Sep 2012

Congratulations Ron. Thank you for sharing your good news. Hope you have many more anniversaries to celebrate.


This site is ridiculously slow tonight!

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Congratulations on the milestone!

I know that reaching it has not been without its challenges.

I wish for you much improved health as you move toward the next anniversary.


Marie who loves kitties

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Congrats to you!! That is just awesome!!! Wishing you many many more!!

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I know it's had it's trials and tribulations, but I'm awfully glad you are here and are celebrating LIFE.


Winter Marie

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All the best Ron hope the Dr's find some answers for your problems soon.

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I am seeing my nephrologist tomorrow. I am hoping for some positive traement from him instead of the usual stagnation and lets just wait and see. Good health to you,it is funny that the doctors don't seem to consider any thing from our cancer history when treating current problems. Hugs Ron.

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Ron I believe you have had a particulary hard road. Your grace and smarts and humour always shine through....I send you congrats and a big heap of snowy hugs.....


your friend, maggieSmile

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Congrats Ron!
I know things haven't been easy but you're a survivor and an inspiration to me and many others...

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Biggest congrats, Ron! 

1-5 is a milestone alright...you've shown that there is a price to pay for surviving...and that the price can be very high...and that praise and adulation are a wonderful reminder to commemorate an achievement such as this...and then how, in the end, you simply "Have To - In Order To Do.

And each day, your story reminds us all of that.  Every day my kidneys don't fail me completely, I think of you, Ron. 

Your story has always been a sign post for me...a marker along the side of the road of our journey...of a path that I might end up walking along...filled with the trials of surviving a cancer battle...but also the triumphs of surviving a cancer a battle.

Glad to still you here:)


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congrats my friend,

15 years is a milestone.

i know both you and myself have had and continue to have health issues.

but everyday above ground is a good day.

ron celebrate this achievment

all the best

never,ever give up!!!


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I'm sorry that it wasn't an easier journey, but we're glad you're still here!  AA

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Laughing Contratulations on this milestone!!    I'm so happy you are still here posting and supporting us along the way!! 

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That is such wonderful news.  You always come on here to share that you've been cancer free to encourage all others to continue on.  You sure have gone through much struggle though and through so much other in your life.  I'm so glad that you chose to stay on the board.  We sure need you - and fishy too :)



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Congratulations!!!!! what an inspiration... so happy to hear this.. when lately we have seen so much sadness on the site..

Thanks for reminding us survival is possible.. and I really mean thanks... so much..

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Joined: Dec 2012

Hi mate,

Great to hear from from long termers, gives a fair bit of encouragement for us Newbies (Dx Jun 2012 Stg 4 MCRC Folfox and Congo clinical trial). Keeping positive outlook is the only way to go. Enjoy Australia Day this weekend.

Cheers and be wishes,


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When I first started reading posts. Yours was one of the first. Appreciate you continuing to post. You are an inspiration to so many. I've had an insidious twist recently -brain tumor- hsd surgery/one time STR and have to get a broncoscpy to check some soft tissue in trachea/hilary region. It is tiring and never seems to stop with the liver reoccurance, as well. Its hard to keep coaching myself but I am choosing to move forward with chemo, scan and take it from there. Hoping your doctors address your needs quickly and you feel better. Thank you for the inspiration you provide. I would be lost without the kind people on these boads and mass of information that is available. Barb

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Hi Ron,

Fabulous, you had a hard road, but this is deffinately inspirational for all of us. I am just in my second year ancer free still taking it one day at a time.

I wish yoou many many more years in good health,

hugs, Marjan

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Hi Ron, congratulations on a milestone! I raise a glass to you!

Hugs buddy!

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Congratulations, Ron.  That's a shining record for hope. Thanks for sharing and letting us know that you also used cimetidine, too.

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Virginia and I both used levamisole as well. She was stage4 with mets to the liver. She is out to 19 years ca free and I am at 15. The trouble is that tho it may have worked it had terrible and often fatal side effects and was banned. I can't find many survivors still alive who used it just Virginia and I. She has suffered from poor health including undiagnosed illness that appears to be of an auto -immune nature. Ron.

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15 years is a milestone.  I'm sorry that it's come with many challenges for you.  Thanks for sticking around!

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