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Colonel Frank W. Hicks USMC(Ret)

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6 April 2016 __ Update

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Hello Sir, this is Cpl. Paul Moore from blt 2/1 I was your driver for westpac 88. Glad to see that you are doing good I lost my grandmother to cancer just before we went on that westpac and lost my aunt 3 years ago to it also. So stay strong sir oh rah ,

It was a honor to be your driver and your right hand man .Still talk to some of the Marines from 2/1 comm and they still ask me why you ask me to be your driver...lol



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Thanks Paul.  Sorry to hear of your grandmother -- and that it took so long for me to get back to you.  I don't check this site to often.

I sure remember you Cpl Moore -- of the wire dogs!! :)  I still think about that sign on the front of our HUMMV and chuckle -- "CO 2/1 Cpl Moore"  

I wish you the best my friend -- Semper Fi!!


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Today I am 16 years from the end of treatment -- OORAHH!!

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Good morning Colonel Frank:

Only a marine could “survive” Esophageal Cancer Stage IV for 16 years when the charts I see indicate just the opposite.  We appreciate your service and would like to know your modus operandi.  Just when and where were you diagnosed, and what treatments did you undergo?  Wish we could round up more men like you to fight ISIS.  If you can beat EC Stage IV, nothing short of an IED (Improvised Explosive Device)! could stop ‘em!

Semper Fi

Loretta (Wife of 14 yr. EC Stage III (T3N1M0) Survivor)


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Frank and K,

Been looking for you for years.  Let me know if you are still on this site.  thomas.marsilio@luzernecounty.org

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