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share with me?

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How many folks have a Facebook page? 

I have fighting this cancer battle for quite some time. (my story is on my profile) and of all this time, I have done a poor job at reaching out to others affected by my same disease. Stupid, right? I have an over-all positve outlook, but I always seem to fall into this "no one gets it" slump....so it's time to change that. Please follow me in this journey of outreach.

If you would like to join me in starting a new gathering spot, among many.... please visit http://www.facebook.com/YourHiddenStrength


Lets spread some laughs.....


Thanks all!!!!!

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I do not use Facebook, but many here do, and no doubt will join you there soon. Your bio is a story of heroic courage.


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No one gets it is right. It really strikes home when people talk about the coming years and do not inlude me - like Im gone already. I don't do Facebook. You are certainly a very beautiful lady and also very insightful. Good luck and all my best.



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