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R.I.P. Vikeman10

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H & N Forum,


Per Coleen  Sewick’s post on their CaringBridge site, Randy Sewick (Vikeman10) passed away Saturday morning. 


He made many hopeful posts here very recently and for those who have or haven’t read his Journal entries he was a gifted writer.


My prayers go out to his family.



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Thanks Matt,

Randy inspired me to move on and find the answers I needed for my dx.  He was a very uplifting inspirational man.  I will miss his posts.  All my sincerest thoughts of comfort and prayers are sent to his family.  Katie

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Thanks for the update Matt; so sad another warrior gone. 


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Ingrid K
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thanks for letting us know.  Another little piece of all of us gone.  He was always an inspiration through it all.

RIP Randy and sending hugs to his family.

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To Randy's family, I found his posts more towards the end, but let me tell you he truly inspired me and he will continue to be a source of motivation for me while I continue my fight.

prayers from my family to yours.


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teller....very gifted getting the story from his head to his pen.  Very humorous fella, too.  He fought the long batter for sure, and my heart hurts for his family.


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AirForce Vet
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Saw so many of his posts during my treatment.  He was was always so upbeat for everything had been and was going through.   May his soul forrever find peace and serenity in his new home.  Does anyone know which Cancer was the final nail or was it a combination of both?



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So much sadness! Randy was so nice and helpful to me, this is truly heartbreaking. We are the same age, graduated HS the same year and for some silly reason that gave me more of a sense that he really got me.
I'm so sad for his wife and family.
The only thing in all of this that makes me have any peace is that he is no longer in pain. The rest of it is so unfair. Unfair for all of our fallen warriors, simply wrong! Maybe I'm wrong but enough of the good people getting this damn cancer!! Not that I wish it on anyone but if someone has to get it, if that is Gods plan so doctors can "practice" (only guessing why cancer even exists) why can't he pick those who contribute nothing to our society? Why can't he pick those who are career murderers, child molesters? Those animals should be chosen!!!
Sorry, I don't mean to sound so harsh but lately it seems all we are hearing is bad news. I've got so many on my prayer list and I don't want to have to add more :-(

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He was a class guy with a great attitude!   RIP - Vikeman10


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Such sad news. Thoughts and prayers for family. 

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The feelings that I have when another warrior has fallen really hurts the heart and soul.


So very sorry to hear yet another of our family as fallen....


Respects to his family, rest in peace brother...


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Thank you for your kind words that you gave me when i was thinking my cancer had come back.  You lifted me up from where you were and that really stuck with me.  Im not sure I would have had the same ability to do that when I knew I was close to death.  But you did and that really told me what kind of man you were.  So rest now my friend we all hope to see you again some day, I will just look for the corner of Heaven where all the laughter and joy is coming from...Im sure it will be you/  God Bless you and your family. 


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D Lewis
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RIP Randy. My condolences to his family.



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Deepest sympathies to Randy's family and friends, wish I could have got to know him better. Even so he is one of the family here and will be missed very much.



Kent Cass
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Truly sorry to hear this news. Prayers for Randy and his family...


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jim and i
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I have a tough time when one of our warriors loses the battle. I pray for his families comfort at this time of loss. May he be remembered for his humor, strength and support to all of us.


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It took me a few days to respond....mostly due to hurt and discouagement.   I was kicking around in some serious gloom, just seem to go by so quick from his flight out to see family then his last couple posts....as guess you could  say Randy was ready (by his uplifting and matter of fact post) ..but I was not.  I prayed so much so often for you and Randy....I did.

I can't begin to think what Randy woud say or do if he were to reply to my post....I like to think he would have something kind but firm to say like "these things happen to us along the way and we all have to face the same fate in the end, some sooner, some later"

I enjoyed his posts.  I know you miss him and I hurt for you at this time.  This has been a rough month.....but I know he called you his awesome caregiver and I know you are all of that.

Because of Randy's example and courage...I too will not give in and I too will continue to pray and believe we will find a cure and that future tx will get better..

Moment of silence for my friend Randy ......you fought very brave and well....................bless you Coleen, thank you for sharing Rand with us..



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Being new here, I never had the opportunity to read Randy's posts. In spite of that, I'm saddened by his passing. You and others have an insight to who he was. When I read your words, more specifically what he might have firmly said, I sense a man of strength and mental fortitude.

I relate to those words strongly. I've had two close friends who have succomb to cancer. My friend Ed passed from H&N cancer (throat) in 1997. He fought hard but it recurred with in two years. When the end was approaching, I visited him at home. We spoke for a while and laughed at the escapdes we experienced together (there were many as we toured together playing music). I knew it would be the last time I saw him. As I left, I looked back at him and he gave me the thumbs up and said "I'm not going anywhere". To this day, due to unexplainable reasons, I still feel his presence.

Last year I lost a friend to lung cancer. LB or Poundcake as he was called, was a man full of life and a talented musician. He fought the heard fight and miraculously, went into remission when they said there was little chance. One year later it returned with a vengence. One night at an open mic where we met, he came in and told everyone what was going on and basically said goodbye. The sense of peace and acceptance was amazing. Like Randy's "matter of fact" post. 

I've not yet officially begun to fight the battle. With surgeries and tests and the like, I'm in "basic training" so to speak. Those here have been part of the "drill team" and have taught me much. The one emotion I've yet to feel is "fear". I'm truly not afraid. I don't know why. I saw that with Ed and I saw that with LB and I get that sense about Randy from your post. I would like to read some of his posts to learn more about who he was through his words.

My condolenses to Coleen and his family. RIP Randy.


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