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Update by Beverly's husband and sister:
Saturday night, January 12, Bev's right eye ruptured at the lower portion of the incision sight. It had swollen Friday after radiation with infectious fluids and ruptured late Saturday night. Dr. Showalter came to our house Sunday night and took a sample for the lab, put in a wick to allow the infection to drain, plus put Bev on an antibiotic. Shirley (Bev’s sister) sent out an email to the Stanford doctors and Dr. Tan (Bev’s radiologist) contacted the Stanford doctors this morning (January  14) as well. Chemo and radiation is cancelled this week. We go to Stanford on Thursday. Bev has lost over 20 pounds in the last two months.
Well, Bev's "quick visit to Stanford" ended in a hospital stay. She had quite a "maxillary abcess" and the culture showed a strain of bacteria that Dr. Sunwoo felt would be best treated with IV meds. After being poked and proded for about an hour in order to get an IV line going, she was put on heavy meds, with the hope of clearing up the infection rapidly... in order to get her back to her radiation/chemo treatment. Dr. Divi, her microvascular plastic surgeon came in today and drained more of the infected site. He said the graft looks great, that something is blocking her sinuses and that is why she had such a buildup in her cheek. (Keep in mind, she has no feeling in that area, so she had no discomfort allowing her to realize she had an infection.) She is getting the best of care and looks forward to hopping-out-of-bed and getting home Sunday or Monday. (She really isn't doing much hopping, as she is very fatigued, but if determination can do it, she will be a bunny!!)

Update on Beverly.  They pumped her full of antibiotics for 72 hours, hopefully getting a good handle on the infection.  On Saturday night(January 19) at 7 p.m. they took her to surgery and opened up two of her sinuses, with the hope that if there is any infection or build up of fluids in the future, it would have an exit, as opposed to building up again and rupturing her graft.  She is very tired and fatigued, but came home to my house at 2 p.m. today.  She and Don will head home tomorrow and expect to restart radiation and chemo treatment on Tuesday.  Hugs, Shirley

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That is a busy few days, I hope you are finished with those kind of days. 


Good days ahead.



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I am praaying for a complete recovery and no more problems.


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Thank you for keeping us informed. Hate to hear that Bev had another stumbling block but she is a fighter and it sounds as though she's on her way to recovering from this too. Bless her heart, I just can't imagine being in the middle of tx and having to deal with what she is going through. I know you are a God send for her. Please tell her she has all of her cheerleaders here rooting her on too.

God bless,


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Thank you so much for the update !  Please let Bev know she's in our thoughts and prayers !  Katie

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