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Faith and Hope

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I would like to thank everyone that writes a post on here.  This is such a scary situation for loved ones and those who have this horrible disease.  My mom will start Nexavar this week.  She is still recovering from radiation that has left her with severe heart burn, nausea and diarrehea.  She has lost 15lbs since New Years Eve.  I'm hoping that she will tolerate the Nexavar and has good results.  I've read a lot about the side effects and to be honest, I'm scared. But what choice do we have.  I would like to tell everyone out there to forget the "expiration dates" they have been given.  There is only ONE person who knows that and its not a doctor, but God.  I've questioned alot here lately on way this is happening as I watch my mom go through this.  She has always and will always be the strongest woman I know.  She raised my sister and I alone, after my father passed away 39 years ago.  I my be a 44 year old woman, but I still need my momma.   I wish everyone on this site the best of luck and while I know non of you, you are all in my prayers. 

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I saw your post and am wondering if your mom had y90 radiation and then nexavar.  How is she doing on these now.  My husband is going to have the y90 radiation followed by nexavar.

Your mom's treatment sounded very similar.  Let me know what I can expect as we are right behind you in treatment.

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Mom has not had the Y 90.  I ask her doctor and he stated because she has met to the bone that she was not a canidate for this.  But I have read of others that have.  He is going to look into this and get back with on our visit 2-7-13.  She started on the Nexavar last thur, two pills a day at this time.  So far she is having diarrhea, dry mouth and bloody nose,  nausea and doesn't want to eat.  This has been a roller coster ride.. 

Is your husband taking any supplements?   Mom's labs have been stable, AFT is 321 as of 12-6-12.  They will not re check untill she has been on the Nexavar for a month.  Here is my email address if you have any further questions.  vmdavis@live.com                                           

God Bless,


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