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There use to be a kid on here, Nick & some numbers, I've wondered a lot how hes doing...He doctored at The James in Columbus, Ohio, which is where I go....anyone remember Him or know how He is?

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He was Nick770. I was wondering about him the other day as well. His was cancer of the thyroid. The last I saw he had posted was around September and his scan showed a "hot spot on lung" and he was getting a biopsy. Have not heard or seen anything since.

My thoughts and prayers are with him that everything is ok and that he just has not had time to post.


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I see where a Nick770 joined the Oral Cancer Foundation (OCF) website on the first of January (no posts).  Maybe an indicator of something good.



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I see where he also signed up on Blog for a Cure, mid-January as well.



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but never heard a peep out of him since he was going in for then to check out the spots....wish he'd check back in here.


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I sent him a PM shortly after he mentioned a recurrance of the disease, but never received an answer, and have not seen or heard from him since.



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Ingrid K
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Was Nick the young man with the picture of the bird on his head ?

He has been missing for a bit, hasn't he.

I know for me, I am just now able to get back on with some regularity.  It has been months of hit or miss, so maybe he is having the same issues. 

Hope he is doing well.


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Here is Nick's photo IK...., was reading his post from Sep2012, where thay had found a spot on his lungs;



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Ingrid K
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Yep, John

that is how I remembered him...with the bird. thanks.


NICK if you are out there....please check in and let us know how you are doing !

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