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Hello all,

I  found this site after I had the courage to make a doctors appt.  I must say I am  a big baby when it comes to drs.  i have had a lot of cancer in my family, daughter had cancer three times and a grandaughter who died of a brian tumor at age 5.  so, I have had some spotting( very, very light)l for several months.  ( intermittent) I just kind of igored it and thought may it was a cyst, but since the spotting was so light and intermitttent i was not very concerned.  Then I had a tiny piece of red tissue (I think)  and a bit of slimy discharge. (gross!) Then, as before, the spotting will stop and then come back.  There has been a very light discharge that is sometimes pink.  I read some other posts of women who described a mositness that they did not have before.  If I think back I recall that there was no discharge at all after memopause for years and no all sudden a light discharge.  I see the dr. in about a week.  (had melanoma 3 years ago)

I would appreciate any feedback on symptoms.   This seems like good place.  For all of you brave courageous women I will  say a prayer.

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I hope when you go to your appt. they will find all is well and you will not have the need to post again........here comes the BUT,

that was my only symptom, I hadn't had a period for about 11 months and then the spotting started. Yes pink tinged in color and not even every day. I hit the Internet with the symptoms after this had gone on for several months and saw it could be uterine cancer.

I made the Gyn appt and with my concern they did a uterine biopsy right then, 4 days later I got the call Uterine cancer. I'm glad you made your appt. better safe than sorry. Please push them to get this test done ASAP. It was not a big deal for me, it is a stick looking 

device that is gently pushed through your cervix into the uterus and then twirled just a bit to get a tissue sample. The Gyn doc actually asked me if I wanted to come back after taking  Tylenol prior to the test and I said no do it! So with that being said maybe you will want to do that prior to your test. After the test I had mild cramping for two days and heavier spotting for a week. It was worth it though, looks like they caught mine fairly early. I just had my hystectomy on the 7th. That also was not that huge a deal. I'm 50 by the way.

Good Luck!!!


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I'm so sorry for the cancer in your family, it must of been awful having to deal with your daughters cancer but to have lost a Granddaughter, all I can say is I'm soooo very sorry.


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I was post-menopausal and over last few years had on/off again period.  Suddenly started on/off with some "pinkish" discharge which I blew off as start of menopause...dah!  Knew I had my yearly OB appt coming up so brought it up to doc.  He looked at me and told me "I have no idea what it might be and surely don't want to revisit this is 6-12 months from now".  Had me get vaginal ultrasound, which found thickeing of uterine lining, then to D&C which found the 2 small fibroid tumors.  Pathology came back with confirmation of cancer.  

This is my story and know not everyone comes back with cancer diagnosis.  If I were you follow thru with the upcoming doc appt and keep pushing the doc to find out what this might be.  Don't let him/her push it off to something as small as UTI, as I've read from others.  Get to the bottom of it and then let it go.  

I as well put my appt off for 3 months, and wondering today if I was "pro-active" and visited doc earlie would my stage 3C have gone down to stage 1.  In the scheme of things, it is what it is, but take some advice from others here -- get to the doc and let the experts tell you what's the issue.


Good luck


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Kathy G.
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Welcome Applewood! 

I, too, had similar symptoms. Like Jan mentions I had a history of chronic UTI' s w/lite bleeding so I thought that' s what was going on. Then I started that discharge and knew I had to bite the bullet and get it checked out.

Again as noted above insist on a biopsy or ultrasound if your doc doesn't.... you don' t want to wonder months from now "Maybe if..."

Prayers it is nothing serious! Please keep us posted!



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Good for you for making the appointment.  Sending you support and positive thoughts.


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I appreciate your comments, tips and sharing your experiences.  I hope all goes well for all of you. 


All my best,


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