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Anyone have info on eating outer layers of citrus fruits for cancer?

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and what they said kinda made sense.  One good thing....it sure can't hurt anybody.....


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You know they wiped out a huge portion of Florida's citrus several years ago because of what else.... Citrus Canker..susel


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Doesn't sound too bad....I use to bake alot and use lemon zest.  I'm up still alot at night and watch those stupid infomercials....and saw something called the bullet.  It can do amazing things with whole veggies and fruit.  I'm thinking about investing in something like this to boost my immune system.  Can't hurt right ?   Katie

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Pam M
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I have a Bullet AND a cheap version (from JC Penney, I think).  Before I bought a bullet, I'd get a juicer, if it's fruit and veg juice you want.  If you want the sauces and salsas and such the Bullet has on its infomercial, I'd recommend trying the twenty dollar knockoff. 

Me - I'm on my "on again" reformed eating plan (mostly).  So I'm using my juicer again, and plan on soon using my Christmas present meat grinder to make sausage (to avoid processed, too-spicy sausage). 

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Pam M
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Some time ago, I saw a couple places that said organic tangerine was what you'd want.  Don't know anyone who does it, but it can only do you good, I'd think.  I think it's generally considered to be anti-inflammatory, but can't really recall.  Worst that can happen is you have a tasty addition to your water, salad, tea or dinner.

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