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Dendritic cell vaccine

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going in for dendritic cell vaccine therapy.

the doctor administering the therapy has scheduled 6 doses between 15th and 21st day of chemo( my father is having folfox 6 with xeloda every 21 days)


let me know what your experience has been with dendritic cell treatment and any comments on the dose schedule

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semi allogenic and tumor lysate + Poly ICIL + Imiquimod + GM csf. and IL-2  Maybe NDV virus before.

adding Gc-maf and MGN-3, DCA, Celecoxib and metronomic cyclophosphamide, I would like to add IL-12 as well, not sure if we can get it. 

Doses are injection every 2 weeks for about 6 months.

Would love to know what you are doing, not many people doing this.

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I am trying to research more the dendritic cell vaccine.  Where will you be getting this?  Germany?

So it will be given during fofox treatments.......is that correct?


Tony - - wow your knowledge amazes me.  Inspiring.

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we are based in india and we are getting this done from here itself


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my dad would only be doing 6 dendretic vaccine shots (21 days apart) along with his chemo ( folfox 6) and probabaly 6 more after the chemo, they said its best to do dendritic cell vaccine when the tumour load is minimal . i thought that the chemo is going to kill off the t cells but there have been studies to the contrary.

he might to hyperthermia along with dendritic cells after the chemo

you seem to be doing quite a bit....i found the studies ard DCA and celecoxib quite persuasive but am unsure abt the side effects ....woudl be intrested to know what you have been told abt these?

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 so has every drug, DCA 6.25mg/kg seems fine, Celecoxib has been given to kids @400mg day and they handled it for 18 months, of course check with your Doc.

We are using CTX to kill T-reg cells.

We are doing a bit, there is more just didn't want to post more. Last chance for us.

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however don't know the cost.  I ask my Dr. about this and why I hadn't heard of it yet.  He said that while he thought the vaccine was good, he's since found that hperthermia (heat) produced better results in less time.  He explained the science between the two which I could never repeat in a million years...lol...but it works in the same way as the vaccine with respect to the cells and stimulating the immune system.  I've done a couple of hyperthermia treatments and my WCB is now the same as a normal healthy person despite 72 treatments of irinotecan/avastin/xeloda.   Smile

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Does the heat not simulate a viral attack? I think Pete done both in Germany, maybe not at the same time. It's available here, would love to see the refs. from your Dr.

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the aim is to get blood flow increased in the tumours to maximise the penetration of the oncolytic virus.

it worked well for one satisfied customer.

on another thread a new friend fede, was asking about ozone, this was given with hyperthermia.

I did hyperthermia with chemo embolisation and also for immune stimulation.



ps most of the stuff tony has raised has been on my therapy. we have a critical base of experience.

do you guys want some gcmaf yogurt ? my doctor who supplied , his email is on my blog, get a price and go for it.

it might be the secret of my success. i will do nagalase tests when i get back to germany

pps see my blog about starting the a team

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