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my daddy... anaplastic astrocytoma lll....docs say surgery cannot be done..

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my dad has been diagnosed with anaplastic astrocytoma lll his tumor is pretty deep and the doctors say that surgery cannot be done. Had a consult with our radiology conologist and he gives us a time frame of 6months-year with radiation and less then 6 months without. We will do about 3 weeks of radiation. This is really all i know about anything. He was diagnosed about a week, 2 weeks ago. I came on here and I saw a TON of incredible survivor stories that gave me goosebumps and tears in my eyes. But i kept seeing the same word over and over again, surgery. It gave me tons more hope then i already have, my daddy is a strong strong man, and it gave me a little bit more fright then i already had, my dad cannot have surgery. I kept looking for somewhat similiar story to my dads to see if there is anything else that could be done or just anything really. But, i figured I would just post and ask if anyone can give me any information or any stories, it would be greatly appreciated

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I'm sorry to say.  But, join the crowd.  My Mother is at the stage of brain cancer where surgery is not an option and radiation is all they can offer.  Not a good prognosis and I am horrified that they talk about her having "months" to live.  They offer the radiation to slow the growth and new formation of tumors, but it is not a cure.  Either way she will die.  With or without radiation.  WOW -- such a harsh reality.  Because my Mother is 86 and the side effects from the radiation will be so severe, we have chosen to postpone radiation or perhaps not do it at all.  If it gives her 6 more months of suffering, to us, it is not worth it.  To some extent, and I hate to say it, we've given up.  We can't win.  Either way, suffering will be involved.  And -- It is killing me!  Either way, I have to be strong.  Either way, I have to have courage.

But, I do not want to discourage you from a fight.  There ARE miracle stories on this site.  Few and far in between, but miracles happen.  You say your dad is a stong, strong man -- up for a fight.  Be there for him.  Support him in every way possible.  Be strong.  Have courage.  It helps to post your thoughts and your feelings.  You are not alone.  

Thinking of you! 

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My husband was diagnosed in May 2008 with grade 3 anaplastic oligodendroglioma.  His was 4x2x3 cm and almost in the middle of his brain.  Right on top of the corpus callusum and caused so much swelling that it shifted his midline 1/2".  They could not operate as it would have been to dangerous.  They did the biopsy and then he had to go through 6 weeks of radiation and chemotherapy.  They also put him on Decadron for the swelling.  He has not had to have anymore treatments since then!  The Decadron caused him more problems than the cancer itself.  I won't go into the details of it as I don't want to scare you with it!  Anyway, he has MRI's every 6 months and so far we know they shrunk the tumor to 1.6x1.5x1.6 mm  Quite a shrinkage I must say!  There has been no changes since then and it is now coming up 5 years and they gave him only 1-2 years to live!!!!!  I too have looked everywhere online to find similar stories and yours is the closest so far. 

I hope this will help you and ease your mind somewhat.  Cancer is a very scary thing to go through.  We have learned to take one day at a time and don't sweat the small stuff.  Keep positive, its amazing how much positivity helps.

My thoughts are with you in this hard time.


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My son is 37 yrs old & is coming up on four years after his surgery.  It hasn't been easy, lots of other problems have developed.  It seems that older people do not have a very long survival rate.  Best wishes for your dad.


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