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I hope someone can me with a burning question...  Due to a growth that I recently found and the subsequent biopsy, I've been told that I have VIN III and have to have surgery.  I've also suffered terrible itching for several years, always in the same locations but different from where the growth was localized.  I'm hoping that one of you ladies that have already been through this (or actual cancer) might be able to answer my question.  I've read that vulvar cancer is often accompanied by severe itch.  Was your itch localized to the area of the cancer or was it localized in a different area of the vulva?  It may seem to be a silly question but I'm wondering if I should be asking for a colposcopy exam since my doctor didn't perform one.  Any recommendations?

Thank you to anyone who can help me.



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    Hi, what type over VC do you have? knowing the type (pathology) would help with getting you the specific answers you are looking for. 

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    Ask many questions

    I have had vulvar cancer since 2009, there are different cell types, each is treated differently. My concern is that you had itching for several years, any change in the vulvar area should be addressed with you doctor as soon as you notice the change. My hope is for women to stop being afraid of the word 'vulva' (not saying you are) and be familiar with theri own bodies and when they notice a change, call doc right away and say 'this is different'. I am also a big proponent of monthly self exams of the vulva, just like we do for our breasts, if there is a lump, or a cyst, or discoloration or skin tags, etc., that is when you see the doc. Every woman will have different symptoms, that is why knowing your own body is so important.

    I never had itching with VC, nothing about my VC is typical. There is no such thing as a silly question, it is the un-asked question that can hurt us. Ask questions until you are satisfied with the answer and understand it. I wish you the best and hope you can get the answers and treatment you need.