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Neuropathy; What have you done

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Hi all;

 I am very curious if there are any out there who suffer or have suffered from neuropathy in your hands and if you were successful to ANY extent in dealing with it. Medications, excercise, diet, whatever worked, if even just a little. I REALLY want to get the feeling back in my left hand so I can play guitar again. Playing has been a large part of my life since I was 15 and since my left hand has gone about 70% numb there is a huge empty spot where music had been. 

 I am dealing with it but want to become more pro-active and see if I can bring it back. Any help or advice would be well appreciated.

Thank You


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While receieving taxool I took MetaNX and it prevented neuropathy for me.

I heard this tip from a friend of mine. Another friend who developed neuropathy after Taxol, started taking it to treat the neuropathy and she says as long as she takes it it works for her.

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I take gabapentin daily for my surgery induced neuropathy. My pain doctors also have me on amitriptyline at bedtime. It is an anitdepressant that has been shown to help some, not all, people with chronic pain. It also helps me sleep at night. I have also heard of some taking Cymbalta for chemo neuropathy.

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I have been taking Cymbalta, 60 mg. per day for tree months and the feeling has returned to my fingers and hands.  My toes and feet are not as numb as they were, but they are a lot better!  Ask your doctor about Cymbalta.  It worked for me.  Good luck, Charlie!  

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I am only in my sixth day of taking Lyrica but the sudden stabbing pains I was having in my hands and feet seem to have stopped.  They had gotten so bad that I was jerking and yelling ouch whenever they happened.  I only have mild numbness in my fingers but my toes and feet are really bad so I hope Lyrica will reverse some of that in time.  I had to start with one pill a day for three days and then two pills (one morning/one night) for three days and tomorrow will be my first day of taking three pills a day.  I don't know if it will help you but it might be worth a try. 



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I was advised to take 600 - 800 mg twice a day, but I only tolerated the morning dose.  However, I still had rapid improvement (within several weeks).  Lyrica was going to me the next step, and I never had to go there.  I still have some residual neuropathy, but it is minimal.  My chemo was different from yours, however, as I had it for a colorectal cancer (Appendix Cancer.)

I hope that this helps.

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I had severe neuropathy is both hands and feet from chemotheraphy. Fortunately, the neuropathy left my hands after about 6months. My feet have taken longer. It is as if it is working  its way down my feet and is now in the ball of my feet and my toes. There is a type of physical therapy called Anodyne. I cannot afford the copays for my insurance. I have heard good things. Best of luck to you.


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opportunity to contact your Oncologist and see if any of the above medication would work for you???  

Please let us know,  we are worried for you dear Brother in PINK.

My thoughts and prayers are with you, Charlie.

Vicki SamEmbarassed


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I had them prescribe Lyrica and it has already helped with the foot pain. We'll see how it does with the neuropathy.

 I also broke out my dobro (resophonic guitar) and can play it since it just requires holding a slide bar in my left hand. It's not the same and requires a kind of different skill set but it was comforting and I played it in church Sunday.

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Glad to hear you are getting some relief from the foot pain!! It is wonderful to hear you are playing your guitar!!! I hope you continue to recover even more!

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