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newer update

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I am still fighting this darn ear infection.  The lump on my neck is getting bigger and more sore.  The oncologist says it may be from the ear infection.  The ENT says it may be from the cancer.  In the mean time I feel like I am losing time.  The effects of the brain radiation are slowly wearing off.  I only had 1 abraxane treatment so far so the docs say it is too early to tell if it is working.  I feel like if it was working the lump would not be getting bigger.  It may be getting smaller yet but definately should not be getting bigger.


Anyway, because of all this I got a hold of a patient advocate and has put me in touch with Dr. M Cristofanilli.  He is an expert in  triple negeative breat cancer and I will be seeing him on Tuesday!  Please say some pryers for me.  I am very excited to see this doctor.  He has worked at MD anderson and Fox Chase.  He has recently transferred to Jefferson University Hosp so I am very fortunate to be able to see and to get in so quickly.




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I am so sorry that you seem to be caught inbetween right now. I have had a history of terrible ear infections. Mine was originally misdiagnosed or I should say not diagnosed right after the birth of me son. THe pain was so terrible that I couldn't even lay my  head on my pillow on that side. Finally, ended up in the ER when I moved to a different city soon after. The ENT wanted to admit me, but I said no because I had a new born at home. The nurse called me everyday for updates.

I am very relieved that you get to see such a good DR. so soon!!! Hopefully he will be able to sort things out for you and get you on the right track!!!!

Lynn Smith
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I've never had many ear infections but always tonsilitis.Had tonsils out at 18 and haven't had a sore throat since.

I  understand your frustration and finally seeking another doctor.I don't know anything about this doctor but you'r pleased and you're getting in so quick. The person who does the scheduling must feel it's a concern.I hope you find out soon and this doctor can help you.It has to be terrible having a lump on you neck and a sreious ear infection. I can imagine the pain you must be in and your worries.

Let us know as soon as you see this doctor.We're thinking of you and wishing for some good news.

Lynn Smith  

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Thiking of you..



Lynn Smith
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Just yesterday on my yahoo news was a new breast cancer drug that is for cancer patients with triple negative breast cancerlThat was so much in the article and to much for me to comperhend.Mayhbe look up new breast cancer treatmet for triple negative breast cancer.I'm positve it was for that. Problem is I'm not sure it's out yet.  

I hope the ear pain is from the ear infection and not the cancer. 

I'll see if I can find that article again. BUT not  being computer literate  I couldn't post it. But maybe tell you what it is. I remember it being a advanced cancer and very promising for a long life.

Lynn Smith


Lynn Smith
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It wasn't triple negative but HER 2 positve breast cancer.Trastuzumab emtansine reffered to as T-DM1.So this can't help

The other was Paclitaxel.It slows or stops cancer growth.

Still sfter seeing this doctor you will have more answers what is the best treatment for your cancer.

Will be thinking of you.

Lynn Smith


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