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Cleaning For a Reason--Free cleaning service for people with breast cancer

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There is a wonderful organization called Cleaning for a Reason that provides free cleaning services for people undergoing treatment for breast cancer.  To access this service visit their website; http://www.cleaningforareason.org/  They will let you know if the service is available in your area and you will need to have your doctor complete a form that states you are receiving treatment for breast cancer.  I live in rural Maine and fortunately there was a lovely woman in my area who is part of this program.  I received weekly free 1 hour cleanings for 4 months and it was wonderful!  My husband and son did a lot of the chores that I couldn't do, but just didn't seem to see the dust and clutter the way I did so this was great.

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The organization has barely gotten going in my area -- nearest is probably about 40-45 miles away. 

Still, I think it is a great idea, and I passed the link on to a friend of mine who is writing a book based on the journal writings of a woman she knew who eventually lost her battle in the early 2000s with some type of cancer.  My friend wants to use the book to encourage those battling cancer as well as their caregivers and others.  In her book she is including a listing of resources.  Things have improved in many areas since that woman wrote her journal -- treatment, care, resources available. 

Thanks for sharing that link.


New Flower
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Glad it helped one person. You stew the first out if hundreds on this site who did apply.

It did look like a schem for most of us

Please DO NOT include this reference in Any Publication 


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I believe they have a link on this site too.  While it is a great thing, they do not have a lot of people to do it outside densely populated areas.  Have known about them for years but they are not not near me.

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I can highly recommend them.  Their website has very clear instructions on the process for applying.  And you can put in your location and find out if they have service in your area before you start the application process.

I started chemo last January and applied in Feb.  The very day my cancer center faxed them the information that I was, in fact, in treatment, I got a call from the local Merry Maids.  Two ladies came for two hours every month for 4 months and did whatever I wanted done that could be accomplished  in 2 hrs.  They were so efficient and worked non-stop with their own supplies and equipment. I was so grateful for  the service!



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who thought this was a scam.  It is a legitimate organization that I found to be very helpful and I wanted to share the information in hopes that it might help someone else.  Thanks to the ladies who were able to clarify that this is indeed a real resource.


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Many of we Sister in PINK have known about this agency, contacted this agency numerous times only to be disappointed that there was no service offered in our area. 

I am delighted to hear that two of you Sisters in PINK received free house cleaning.


Vicki Sam

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I am so glad this worked out for you Penny.  It really is a great organization!

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