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Carboplatin and Gemzar Chemo for Stage IIB lung cancer

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Looking for advice/experience with Carboplatin and Gemzar adjuvant chemo therapy afte lung surgery.

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I had the cisplatin which is a bit harsher but there are some similarities.  Work very hard to stay hydrated.  When you think you've had enough fluid have some more/ add a Gatorade type beverage to replace electrolytes that are washed out of your system.  Dehydration is the number one problem with any chemo.  The doc will give you something before the chemo to help with nausea ask for a prescription for something at home. Start taking stool softeners right away.  Stock up on Senekot-S and Immodium.  Both responses are side effects.  

The carboplatin will cause your taste buds to develop a metallic taste.  Use plastic forks and spoons to lessen the impact on the flavor of your food.  Additionally, it may cause your hair to thin but not all fall out.  I can't tell you about the side effects of Gemzar as my second was etopicide.  I hope this part is smooth for you.  


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Thanks for the info.  Will be prepared as you recommended. Decided on Carboplatin instead of Cisplatin because it's suppose to have fewer side effects.  Still not sure if this best for me as adjuvant chemo after pneumonectomy.  

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Hi Rose, I just saw your post. Back in Aug.2005 I had my right lung removed followed by 4 rounds of carbo.-gemzar chemo. The chemo was offered as a precaustion to get any cancer cells floating around that surgery may have missed. I decided to go for it and would do it again. One thing to watch out for tho is constipation. Pain killers and other things can cause.Stay ahead of it by taking stool softners. I had no idea constipation could be so painful. PS. If it offers you some hope, I just recieved results of my last cat scan in December and I was told I am still cancer free.

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