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Having a hard time with weakness fatigue. Any one else?

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I had a recurrence this past summer Met to lungs and spine. I was put back on chemo Herceptin, Taxotere, Carboplatin. I started reacting to the carbo so was switched to Cisplatin. After a couple of times started reacting to that too. Then put on Perjeta. It has been used in Europe for awhile I am told. Has had very good results. So I started on this one month ago of course the loading does is twice the strength. I just had my second dose ( not loading ) last Mon. I Get perjeta every three weeks. Herceptin and taxotere every week along with the other meds like steroids.I was feeling really good energy up not weak at all And I had to refill a Rx for pred. Well when they called it in it was refilled Dexamethasone. My face started swelling Breathing got harder, stared feeling weak lots of fatigue. It is a chore to get anything done. It's just so hard now. My Dr, told me that it can take 2 or 3 weeks for the Dex effects to be gone. It has been a week and I don't feel much difference. I'm not sure if it is the Dex or  Perjeta. I hope it is the Dex. What I am wondering is has anyone else had this problem on Dex. I didn't know there was a difference in steroids. Is anyone here on Perjeta? Any problems with it?

Last scans showed No active cancer I am back in remission at this point.

Thanks Kay

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Kay, I haven't had perjeta yet.  And the Dex made me jittery and anxious...it did take a while for it work out of my system tho.  I also think my face is still rounder from it.  The weakness and fatigue could be from the trouble breathing in addition to the drugs.

I am so glad you met this doc and can say REMISSION!




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The end of next month will be 3 yrs since my last TX (other than Femara/letrozole) and do deal with fatigue some time.  For me - it is keeping my D, K (potassium), B, thyroid and hypoglycemia levels on an even keel.  Also being sure to use my light box!

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At a talk given recently by a radiation oncologist, he mentioned that fatigue is the #1 most reported adverse effect by cancer survivors.

However, I was recently battling fatigue and wasn't sure if it was my cancer, my cancer therapy or what?  I had my gynecologist check my thyroid level when I was there for a check up and, to make a long story short, I have a very underactive thyroid and had to have my dosage really increased. 

My point is, if fatigue persists, it may be a good idea to have a good all around physical.  Hope you are feeling better soon.  Big (((hugs)))

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Just checking on you ...

please post when you can.

Vicki Sam

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