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new drug Dalantercept?

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Just wondering if anyone has heard of this drug, or possibly tried it? Really hoping to hear someone is still on it and its working great! :) But any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Sorry, I don't know anything about this drug but wanted you to know that if you are on it, I hope and pray that the outcomes are good!

Take care,


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Sorry, I have not heard or tried Dalantercept (zz-158) myself. I googled it and could not find any connection to ovarian cancer.

Apparently there is a phase 2 trial going on at Sloan-Kettering Memorial for Recurrent or Persistent Endometrial Carcinoma run by Vicky Makker, MD (tel. 646-497-9055, 646-888-4224), identifier NCT01642082.

Also there is another phase 2 Dalantercept trial for advanced head and neck cancer,  identifier: NCT01458392

But you probably already know that.


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Hello, I just wanted to keep you guys posted about this new drug. If you google it, there is a new site with recent info under Acceleron Pharm showing that this phase ll trial does include ovc patients. I started it on Tuesday the 29th, and I recieved a shot in each arm. So far the only side effect I think I am experiencing is a headache. Have to go back weekly for a weight check because I will possibly experience some fluid retention. My onc told me there have been good results where the patients tumor's just stop growing and the patient becomes stable with the tumore just sitting there and not growing. God please let it work!!! I don't think I can handle anymore bad news. The stress can be unbearable at times and the uncertainty of how much longer I have left kills me. All I think about is having to say goodbye to my boys and it hurts so bad.  I will have another shot in 3 weeks and a ct scan in 6 weeks to measure my tumors. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let it be working.

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I am praying that it works for you.  Please keep us posted as to how you are doing.

((Hugs)) JoanSmile

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