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Hair loss question

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Hi, Everyone!

I have a question about hair loss and regrowth.  I have Stage 3 c, high grade and a second, unrelated cancer in uterus, stage 1, discovered in pathology from surgery.

Beginning in March 2012, I had 3 rounds of taxol/cisplatin to reduce tumors away from bowel before surgery in June.  My hair fell out right on schedule a couple weeks after the first round.  After surgery, I had 5 months of IV/IP taxol and carboplatin, with the last dose in early November. I had no treatment in December.  January 4th, I started a year of monthly taxol for maintenance. 

Right around the first of the year, I noticed some hair growth!  It is definately hair growth...on my head, my eyebrows and lashes, and even a couple under my arms!  I guess I shouldn't have been so surprised, as it had been nearly 2 months with no chemo.

My question is:  With just the Taxol at the maintenance dose only once a month, do you think my hair will keep growing?  Or do you think it will all fall out again?  I'm not emotionally charged either way...I love my wig!  It looks nicer than  my real hair ever looked.  I'm just wondering.  How did it happen for the rest of you?

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I was on taxol monthly for about 4 months. My hair would start falling out a little bit after each treatment, but then stop. So I still had hair, but thin. And by the 4th treatment my lashes and eyebrows thinned out. I really hope it works for you! Best of luck!

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