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Grade III Anaplastic Oligodendroastrocytoma

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My 64 year old dad was just DX with Grade III Anaplastic Oligodendroastrocytoma.  It goes from his left frontal lobe to his right, and has been described as diffuse and infiltrative.  We have been told surgery is not an option because nod its size its location, and that it would remove too much brain tissue.  It seems like the people who have had the best outcomes are those who were able to have some or most of the tumor removed.  I'd like to hear from someone who did not have surgery and still had a good outcome. I'd also like to know what difference having a mixed tumor makes in the treatment of it, or if it even matters.   He is on Decadron now and he will be starting radiation probably within the week.  He lives alone, and for now I think it's better because he's around all his own stuff and that's helping.  The hospital experience was rough on him, it confused him even more, so I'm realizing keeping him at home for as long as possible is right for him. It's also his right to choose that.  I would like to hear from anyone who has experience helping a parent through this; making sure that they have control over the situation, but also any advice you have on helping him and how to step in, and when, etc.

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my mother has this same type brain cancer and hers is also not operable. She was diagnosed in 2005. She's going on her 10th year. Keep believing, miracles can happen. 

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