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Hello all,

Hubby had PET/CT and separate Ct at MDA yesterday. We were supposed to go for bloodwork and onc appt. today, but it has been changed to the 28th. This will follow the lung biopsy scheduled on the 23rd. A "chemo chair" has been reserved for him on the 28th in case the onc wants to start infusions. He has no port and one has not been mentioned. No mention of rads or surgery at this point, so perhaps this is not feasible. Will know more after seeing the onc. I just won't make any assumptions at this point.

Hope all of you are doing well,



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There's the possibility that they are waiting to see the scans and the biopsy to figure out where to "go from here"....when it comes to rads and surgery.  They might not do a port because of his heart problems.


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In my prayers...


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Ports aren't always necessary.  My husband's first chemo treatment, we didn't want the port, but ended up having to get it because of all the problems he was having.  As I understand it, could be wrong, but we were told the port goes across the heart so maybe that is why no port has been mentioned yet.  Second time he underwent chemo, he didn't need the port.  We were worried about it and asked about having one, but the doctor said let's wait and see.

Wishing the best, Sharon

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Good morning Wolfen,

thanks for keeping us updated. I find it easier when at least there is a plan, even though plans are subject to change, at least it gives us insight to our near future. Dan has gone through 6 chemo treatments, a week or two of daily hydration, and this hospitalization, and hopefully some hydration at home soon - all without a port. The idea was it was only 6 chemo's! But he's doing just as well without it.

you and your husband are always in my prayers, and don't forget to take care of you!


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Just keep chipping away at this, I am sure the (complete) treatment plan will soon be figured out; after all they don’t reserve a chemo chair for just anybody.


Since you asked, I am doing fine.  Today we (Candy and I) are traveling to Eugene to check out some estate sales.





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Sounds like you are in the same position we are.  We have the bone marrow biopsy on Tuesday and our dr. appointment on Thursday to see what our plan is going to be.  I think a lot of where we go from here hinges on the bone marrow biopsy.  I am sure if you are like me you are anxious to know what the plan is.  I am praying for you to have a good weekend.  

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Pam M
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I would think they're waiting to see what the tests on the 23rd show before jumping into treatment with both feet.  Glad you all are on the move.  Do well.

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Actually I don't think it matters on which side for the port...

I know they were going to do mine on the left. But my collar bone popped out several years ago in a motorcycle run over. So they surgically tied it down and I have a lot of scar tissue there. So they inserted it on the right side...

Depending on his chemo plan would more dictate a port I presume... Myself and others that had four chemos, one being 5FU where they strap a pack on your for several days I'm sure was a huge factor for the port.

Nice thing on the power port, everything can be done through it, works either way...induction and for blood draws...and they can pump the chemo and associated meds in you faster depending on your tolerance.... Which can make a very long day much shorter.


Hoping to hear some good news after the blood draws and biopsy are done.. annnd really hoping for some good news concerning the PET/CT results.


Prayers ~ John

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i like many believe the doc's want to see all the results together so they can agree on a plan and then put it into motion. i like there idea just wish that is what they would tell you and many like you who are at the same point of diagnosis. 

we all hate the waiting game, my prayers are they take all the information together and put you treatment plan together to kick cancers behind down the road. 

prayers for waiting, prayers for doc's and prayers to get your start date going. we all love a plan and knowing what will be the treatment. 


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Hoping and praying for a good result. Push for the Port if you will be receiving chemo on a regular basis.



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