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newly diagnosed

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Kenny's mom
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I was just diagnosed on Jan 11, 2013 with high level 3 invasive DCIS. HERS-2.  with infiltrating lobular level 2. I am told I have a tumor in my lymph nodes as well.  I see a surgeon tomorrow.  I am so scared!! I am only 41. I Never had a mamo or problem until I recently felt a lump.  I understand this is highly invasive and WILL spread.  Has anyone been in the same situation?  I could really use some positive stories right now.

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I am so sorry you had to come to this site...but.... many many people here are so informative and caring. You will love talking with them all. Wish I had the words to make you feel strong and not afraid but I am not good at writing. So know that my thoughts and Prayers are with you and that you are not alone.

Hugs to You,


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Never give up!  When I was diagnosed, I was Stage 3, large tumor, 4 nodes.  My prognosis at the time was not good.  Well, here I am, nearly 26 years later and, while breast cancer is a chronic incurable disease for me, I am doing very well.  Currently, I am back in remission and still working at the job that I love.

Before my diagnosis, as a Nurse Practitioner, I always felt like it was important to give patients the truth.  After diagnosis, I would always say to give patients the truth, but also give them hope!

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I am so sorry that you need this site. You will  find it very informative and the most caring ladies and Gentlemen you have ever met. We will all help anyway we can.

I Was Dx with IBC ( Inflammatory breast cancer ) back in May 2010 Had chemo Surgery ( right side Mast ) and rads 36 all ending in Jan 2011. Had a recurrence this year came back in my lungs and spine.  I am doing fine now though I am back in remission at this time. We all deal with side effects from chemo and rads and meds But this is doable. And the more you learn the better you will feel. When I first came to this site I read old post a lot of them. I learned alot from the people here. You will too. You can ask anything, Vent, What ever you need. We will all be here with you the whole way.

There are many many here that have The same as you and they will chime in. There is also on the left side of this screen a wealth of information you can obtain and read. I wish you all the best. Please don't be scared. We are with you. You will never be alone...I look forward to talking to you.

Take care darlin Kay


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so sorry to hear...YOU were smart to find this site right away..I didndt' for years even think about it..it would have been a great help to me during my time of need.


I had DCIS no nodes...lumpectomy...


YOU will be able to vent, cry and ask opinions here...



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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Scared at this point is so incredibly normal.  What makes you so confident that it will spread?  With cancer there is no guarantee of anything...maybe it will spread, maybe your treatments will kill it permanently.  And then you'll dance with NED (no evidence of disease) for years and years.

Some unsolicited advice for your doc visit tomorrow...take lots of notes, keep asking questions till you completely understand, bring someone else to be a second set of ears, start writing down your questions so you don't forget to ask anything, be sure you know how to contact the doc if you think of something after the appointment.  (A really good question...what would you recommend for your wife, sister, daughter, yourself?)

As others have said, this group is filled with wonderful people who want to talk and help others.  I'm sorry you have the need for us.  And I hope you find it as helpful as I have.



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I was DX w/invasive/infiltrating Lobular w/inflammatory cells present in the same mass.  It was stage 1, and I had a bilateral in May '12.  It was 3/4 of a centimeter, remained in the duct, no node involvement.  The biopsy had threadlike tentacles attached.  Looked like a tiny octopus.  Like the other Linda suggested, you should ask what the surgeon would want for their own family member in your shoes.  Mine volunteered that info and said surgery would save my life for now.  He said he'd want his wife to give it her best shot.  I take tamoxifen and had no chemo/rads.  It was caught early at my annual mammogram.  I can't say that I love knowing all the possibilities of this cancer, but right now they are just that...possibilities!  I was exactly like you are today in the beginning of this mess, but I slowly began taking it a step at a time.  So many of the people on this board came forward and told me their stories.  Cynthia has been a huge inspiration.  She's been here a lot of years beyond her first DX. The thing I take from my onco's ofc is that everyone's cancer is different, just like a fingerprint.  It's very hard to compare exactly, so don't even try.  Please come back and let us know about your surgeon's visit.  Everyone here is caring, and we're here for just about anything.  We'll even share our family recipes!  Love to you, Linda  

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they could not tell  if my cancer was in my lymph nodes or the stage until after surgery.It was not in my lymph nodes ,Had breast removed. They found mind with my yearly mamagram then biopsy that comformed it was cancer.At this time I am cancer free

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My story .....

August 14, 2010

18 weeks of consecutive chemo therapy TCH -- ending on December 18, 2009 - dose dense chemo treatment plan .. I made it ... crawling to the finish line :)

1 year of Herceptin -- ending August 20, 2010

Lumpectomy -- 8-10-09
Breast Cancer diagnosis 8-14-09
Bilateral Mastectomy January 12, 2010
Vacation to Grand Canyon April 6th

Emergency surgery and 5 day hospital stay 4-18-10 to removed right tissue expander infection by staph (Staph infection and where or how I contacted is still a mistery to this day - My Infectious Disease Doctor has ordered me to stay in the US for the next 3 years // no traveling outside US)
5 weeks with 1 expander - Unbearable and emotional
Surgery to add a new right expander - 5-22-10
Exchange surgery -- 7-21-10 (no nipples, no areola) Incisional scars very visible, and raised (due to the many cuts)

Severe reactions to my chemo drugs (TCH) -- insomnia,depression and chronic fatigue appeared to be my only friends for so long. I cried daily, had many very dark days and nights, I did have family around - but found myself lonely and unable to convey my feelings. I was no longer the Vicki I remembered. 

 I don't cry not as much, its just very hard to accept what has happen in my life. I try to be positive but that has its moments. I always wonder will it come back, the dreaded "C" word. My husband is very supportive of all of emotional craziness, as my Oncologist gave us statistics from my prognosis this past Friday. I face several reconstructive surgery, and no health insurance at the end of September 2010.

My next step and goal -- do all that I can to affect a good outcome (exercise, meditation, massage, foods etc) but I also accept that the outcome is ultimately not in my hands, and I am trying to“live in the here and now. However, I do worry that going back to my old life and work and pretending like nothing happened is denial rather than acceptance and that if I don't use this time "wisely" that I will regret it later. I am adopting my teenager's sense of invincibility, with slight caution!

Putting 1 foot in front of the other :-))


....   fast forward to  January 20th 2013


I had breast cancer, but breast cancer no longer defines me. I am a breast cancer SURVIVOR!

Another year has passed ... There is hope for getting back to our 'normal', or new normal as many of us will never look at life thru those rose colored glasses.  I no longer take anyone, or anything for granted.  I stop to smell the roses, and taste each cup of coffee. Treasure time with family, friends and enjoy trying to regain my strength, and rid myself of this contrique fatigue.

I now walk 2.5 to 3 miles 4 x a week, up from my 1/2 miles walks this time last year. Gym visits and work outs continue, as well.  I've signed up for 2 College courses -- starting school on 8/31 -- purchased a 'pink' over the sholder back pack in preparation of my first day of school.  Yoga is something I can not master, not so limber yet .. WHO said, Yoga was relaxing???  I have resumed my Culinary classes -my husband, and friends are enjoying the fruits of my labor.  Painting classes are no longer a passion of mine.  I want to be free, and allowed to move about freely.  Played a round of golf 2 weeks ago, not too excited about golf any longer.



Vicki Sam



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So sorry, Kenny's Mom, that you have had to join the club no one wants to belong to, but

you have come to the right place!  It is so scary at first--before you know your plan of

treatment.  I agree with the above posters--ask lots of questions!  Also, bc changes

so many things in your life that you never get back to the "old normal" but instead

you can find a "new normal."  Best wishes as you go forward--one day at a time.

Hugs & prayers....

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Any updates???  How are you doing?  Have you had the opportunity to met with your Oncologist?

Please let us know when you can.

Vicki Sam

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