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Energy Level

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 I'm 9 weeks post radiation and chemo. I'm feeling much better than I was. Able to have to quality time in my days now.

 I never was a person with a lot of energy before cancer. I seem to get more tired more easily now and think maybe I'm expecting too much from myself.

 It's easy to try and go back to the amount of activity I used to do. Daily chores, housework and such. Now I get overwhelmed with all the things I don't have energy to get to. This isn't something new for me, just seems worse now. (Being realistic.)

 Maybe I should relax more and focus on what I enjoy, not on all the stuff that needs doing. I guess I feel like I got behind when I was so sick. Most of that stuff CAN wait. 

Am I being too hard on myself? Has it taken others this long or longer to regain their energy? 




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try to take it one day at a time, some will be better than others.  Being 9 weeks out is not that long Im 5 months out and still do not have all the stamina / energy I did before dx.  I do find though loosing 30 lbs has helped me get around better.  I know many on this site that still deal with lack of energy months and evern years later.  We may never recoup 100% of our pre cancer energy but then again we will get most of it back in time.  Dont worry about the little things now, what does not get cleaned or done today can tommorrow / ask for help if necessary until you get more energy back.  Good luck, you will get there.

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Perfectly normal to be low on the energy level... Even though it's been nine weeks post treatment.

How long were you doing chemo an radiation, more than likely around the same time frame, maybe a little shorter, possibly even longer than nine weeks...


Your body has just taken a major hit, both physically, but also mentally... and more than likely, you are still taking a hit mentally. All of that takes time to recovery, a lot of time...

So at where you are, I'd say that you are probably right about where you should be.

Sometimes (frequently) thyroid function also takes a hit after radiation, but usually a little further down the road from where you are.

Easily detected with your routine blood tests, TSH and Free T4 are the main indicators..., also pretty common and fairly easily treated with synthetic meds.


Anyways, again, welcome...




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Do not be too hard on yourself.  Some of the tired can be blamed directly on treatments and some on the possible changes to your body.  In the past few days on these threads I’ve heard about watching my B & D vitamins, my testosterone levels and my thyroid let alone proper nutrition.


So many of us (some of us, all of us) need to push our selves a little bit on exercise and we need to continue to monitor all the important bodily functions.


I had a blood test today, my thyroid is border line, but my energy level is in the dumps.  I have to push myself to do things and could fall asleep at the drop of a hat.


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It took me a while to get back to my normal energy level... in fact, so long that I kind of forgot what my normal energy level really was! I'm probably still only about 80% back after 6 months. I go to bed a couple hours earlier than I used to, for example. So give yourself some time and some room, and if you feel your body telling you to take a break, thank your body for all the hard work it did during treatments and sit down. :-)

There have been studies that show ginseng is beneficial for people with cancer-related fatigue. It may be worth giving a shot! 

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When I saw my Oncologist the first of December, I was 3 months out of treatment.....I was still slightly anemic, which he said is why I was so tired.  Then I went to the Rad Dr. this last Tues. and found out my Thyroid is on it's way out...another reason for being fatigued. 

I can assure you that you will start feeling better by degrees, week after week....I'm still not 100%, and I'm 7 months out of rads, and 5 months since my last chemo.  It'll come....


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