New cases of PC in 2013

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According to the newly published report, “Cancer statistics, 2013,” now available in the journal CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians, prostate cancer will become the most commonly diagnosed cancer of any type in the USA this year.

The estimated incidence and mortality of prostate cancer in the USA during the calender year are:

  • Incidence (i.e., number of new cases), 238,590
  • Mortality (i.e., number of actual deaths), 29,720

By comparison, because of the continuing decline in the numbers of men and women being diagnosed with lung cancer (largely attributable to the decrease in the number of smokers), the number of new cases of cancer of the lung and brochus is projected at 228,190 and the number of new cases of breast cancer (in men and in women) is expected to be 234,580.Cry


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    The VA does not release alot of info about this, but if you look at the info it would seem it is going to keep increasing in the VA due to the increase of troops, and exposure.  Not sure of peak years for troops, but we that went before, mainly me, were having that stuff sprayed on every "hearts and minds" six weeks before we ever went out.  So everyone who came after us walked through what we sprayed.  We walked through it while it was fresh, but in the rubber plantation between LBJ and Bien Hoa it was orange for my whole time.  Not sure who sprayed it. Anyhow we eached help to increase this disease.  More people, more cancer.  Most vets, that are still alive, had an ephipany.  We quit drugs, quit drinking and then said what "the f&&&k" am I doing here. Now they talk about an increase.  Look at the historyof the amount of troops, by year, and now look at the increase of prostate cancer.  Seems to hit around 60-65 depending on exposure. I figure apex will be in 2017.  After that it should go down.