Why is finding a lump bad

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I’ve been doing a lot of research on prostate cancer and one thing that I can not find is why is it so bad for the doctor to feel a lump on the prostate. I know that means there is a very good chance that, along with a high PSA number, that you have prostate cancer, but other then that, what else is going on. Does it mean the cancer has already broke out the shell or they know already it is very advanced. How many of you guys had a lump and how are you doing.


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    Hi Coupe35,
    First tell me, is

    Hi Coupe35,

    First tell me, is that a 1935 Chrysler Imperial Airflow? I know, just a wild guess. If I had one my name would be that too.

    It is intersting that you just asked that. I just wrote about this in the member about me section. My family doctor felt a lump and noticed an increased PSA value. I went ahead and had a radical prostatectomy rather than the other options because I was fairly young (57) and it indeed did turn out to be through the capsule but only by a very little and it was (hopefully) subsequently zapped by my radiation treatments. We did not know that it was through at the time but I'm glad I had it removed right away. I think I am fine now but will never really know. My last PSA was still 0.1 and it should be 0 although I just finished radiation a month and a half ago and it takes a while for it to disappear if it is going to.

    Let me know how you are doing with it. Best of luck to you!