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The official half way mark!

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Hello Warriors,

Well, today is treatment 17 of 33 and Dad announced he couldn't really taste anything, but we are so happy he gained 1/10 of a pound from last week.  Means he's "holding" and that alone is a miracle.  Hair on the side of jaw and part of mustache is gone...no biggie.  Skin still looks good, but he's slathers on Aquaphor upon return from treatment.  Miracle mouthwash is routine at night and in the AM now...but no real pain  when eating.  We also found that Aloe drink with pulp that seems to help.  All room temp, of course.

Half way!!!


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Time to get him an electric razor if doesn't have one...

They suggest to minimize cuts, infection, slow healing , etc...

He sounds like a real war horse, definitely warrior material.

Best ~ John

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This is good news, half way and doing well.  Tell him we're wishing him an easy journey through !  Katie

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glad to hear your dad is doing well.  I lost my beard and mustache but my hair is now growing back and im getting peach fuzz here and there on the checks and chin, I just shave them off for now and will be glad I got my hair and eyebrows back.  Good luck to your father hes in our CNC prayers.

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Skifffin just reminded me, I got a dressing down for shaving during treatments.  I did not want to look scruffy and would on occasion shave.  Of course not during weeks 6, 7 & 8 (terrible neck burn).


Congratulations on the half-way mark and on the eating.


Magic Mouth Wash rules,



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was a HUGE deal for me!!  Congraulations!  It won't be very long now, and we'll be doing the countdown with you thru the single digits....another milestone in my book!


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Half way is a good place to be.

On the fifty yard line.

Mid field.

Center line.

Half coart.

On the net.

Second base.

Half way to scoreing that goal, point, run and on to the win!



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i so recall that, a close friend brought me a hump back camel stuffed animal for the day. that was almost 17 years and i still have it. i knew then it was all down hill to the finish. 

we are all here cheering on the grind run to the finish, not going to be fun but the is light at end of tunnel. 

glass is over half way full and filling up quickly to that day of bell ringing. time to charge on to finish


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